Opinion: Benefits of Going Greek

Opinion: Benefits of Going Greek

Opinion piece

By Elise Harris, President of Phi Mu Fraternity

You’ve heard the good, the bad and the ugly, but as a junior, I can truly say that becoming a part of Greek Life has done amazing things for me. For one, it expanded my social circle. If you’re shy, like I was before coming to Armstrong, joining a Greek organization seemed like an easy way to meet people. I have met so many friends—and even more so than in just my sorority.

Coming to college sometimes feels like being a small fish in a big pond, but for me, being a part of the Greek community has made campus feel a little smaller and a lot homier. I can walk around confidently, knowing I’ll see a familiar face in passing and in class. Sororities also have incredible opportunities for leadership. Within the organization, there are a lot of positions and ways to become more involved. My sisters and advisers saw my budding leadership skills and poured so much confidence into me that I had the confidence to run for President of my organization.

Leadership opportunities within Greek life will foster things like responsibility, creativity, and self-confidence. Joining a sorority is also a great way to mentor others and gain mentors as you mature through your college career. “Big” and “Little” sisters give underclassmen someone older to help guide them and upperclassmen a chance to be a helping hand. I have a perfect “little sister” who is always available for advice, and I truly rely on her to get me through tough times and to laugh with me through the good.

I have also gained a mentor in my chapter adviser. She has connected me to so many more opportunities and networks that will extend into my career after graduation. Being in a sorority has also given me the experiences of community service and philanthropy. Last year, Greek women at Armstrong donated hundreds of hours of their time to better both the Armstrong and Savannah community through service. We also raised thousands of dollars for our various philanthropies.  

Before coming to Armstrong, I knew I wanted to do well in school, and sororities will help you do just that. All houses have academic standards that members must meet scholastically to remain in good standing. For me, it was a good way to ensure that my grades stay where they should. For Greek women, despite having a large social circle, school absolutely comes first. I have benefitted so much academically—from always having someone to study with to having an academic support network.

The friendships and sisterhood you’ll make, the community you’ll help build, the volunteer work you’ll do, the learning opportunities you’ll have, and the support you’ll gain can be a part of a great college experience that exemplifies all that going Greek has to offer.