Editorial: Get involved! Clubs, Greek life, intramural sports and more

Editorial: Get involved! Clubs, Greek life, intramural sports and more

Editorial by Emily Smith, Editor in Chief

The beginning of the semester is prime time for clubs and organizations to attack everyone with fliers, bake sales, and Facebook notifications. Although it may be overwhelming, there is importance in latching onto at least one or two of these groups.

Being involved outside of the classroom is important not only for obvious social reasons, but also for using your mind to accomplish something other than schoolwork. People in campus clubs are usually working on projects or starting conversations, so being a part of initiatives like that is rewarding. Not to mention, it is possible to make connections with people you meet whether they be study buddies or professional alliances.

A good starting point would be the Housing block party that is scheduled for April 26 on the brick path in front of Windward Commons. This bi-annual event includes various clubs on campus to inform students about how to get involved. But most importantly, there will be free food.

If meetings and events aren’t really your thing, intramural and club sports may be for you. By simply making a profile on imleagues.com, you can be in the know about intramurals like soccer, handball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. Club sports such as rugby, lacrosse, basketball, and baseball are also offered.

Another area to possibly get involved in is Greek life. Fraternities and sororities plan social events and raise money for their respective charities throughout the semester.

Representatives from the aforementioned groups will be present at the Housing block party. Visit some tables, sign a few email lists, and at least make yourself aware of what’s offered on campus.