An open letter on regrets, advice from a 23 year old

An open letter on regrets, advice from a 23 year old

23 yo op-edAnonymously submitted, Opinion Piece

Take advantage of free exercise classes. “Lifetime Fitness” classes teach sports and activities for you to carry through life long after there are no more free classes available to you. Try yoga! It really is harder than you think.

Do not heat pot brownies in a microwave. First of all, ever – you’re ruining them. Second of all, in your dorm room. You do not have enough Febreeze to clear the air of your entire dorm and honey, you’ll need it.

Support your school teams. Sober or maybe not so sober. HIGHlight: when watching even the slowest pace sports, every play is a potential game winning play.

Read at least one book, go to one play, and/or see one art show a year. I promise Netflix and HBOGO are not the end all be all of entertainment. Try a drag show, attend the First Friday Art March, or check out live jazz downtown.

Learn how to cook a few meals. Yes that means finally using your stove or oven. Start with pasta. 4 minutes in boiling water, salt, and olive oil, drain, & pour a jar of Alfredo sauce on it. Ta-da! You little chef you!

Iron your shirts.  No, we don’t expect you to iron your jeans, but for Heaven’s sake, iron your shirts.

If you need money, get your own. Get a job. You’re too busy studying? There are some work study jobs where you can sit and study while doing minimal work.

You do need healthcare. Even if you don’t, you do. Just pay for it.

Be a kid once in a while. Laser tag and rollerblading are sometimes just as fun as a weekend on the town. Just because it is Friday or Saturday does not obligate you to go downtown.

Get to know your history. Call and spend time with your parents. Talk with your grandparents about their time in their early twenties. A little family connection can give you insight into your own life, believe it or not.

Goodwill is cool. Thrift stores are cool. Flea markets are awesome – And there are puppies there you can pet.

Rinse your dishes. Wash your dishes, but definitely rinse your dishes. It saves you time and you are less likely to be dealing with a science experiment in your kitchen sink.

Don’t stay in bed all day. Naps are welcome and necessary, but don’t waste your day in bed. Make friends, live life, and don’t isolate yourself from society… all of the time. Some of the time, okay, we get it.

Don’t skip class like you’re not paying for the class. The same semester you’re sleeping and texting through is $3,166 IF you are an in-state student. If you are taking 4 classes, you are wasting $792 per class when you skip out on learning. YOU WOULDN’T BE THROWING THAT MONEY AWAY IF IT WAS IN THE FORM OF TACOS AND MARGARITAS!

Read, underline, and take notes. The Armstrong bookstore allows you to write or highlight 1/3 of the book, so you have no excuse not to be taking notes and preparing for that quiz.

Happy hour. El Potro 2-10 and Jalapenos 5-7 Monday through Friday. You’re welcome.

Dress to impress.  Not all of the time, but as often as you can! You are in your prime, flaunt it. Don’t waste it walking to class in pajamas every day. Or active wear… I am so guilty.

Save phone numbers. Not that you should screen texts, but if you’re into that sort of thing, you can’t happily ignore someone if you are too curious, dying to ask “who is this?”

Silence your phone. People need time to miss you, so set your phone aside and connect to the world.

Keep dates. Get a planner and actually use it. Grab a few colored pens and color-coordinate your class assignments, work schedule, and social events. Don’t be the person who RSVPs “yes” and becomes a “no” because you didn’t make the time.

Get tested. Use condoms and dental dams. Ladies, keep track of your periods. Ladies and gents, get tested and have them get tested and yes, even see their paperwork.

Get involved. No you don’t have to be frat, but getting involved with a club or an organization will keep you out of trouble, give you cool experiences, and introduce you to new people.

Check your bank account regularly. Finding out you have $2.18 left in your checking when you’re already at the register is simply irresponsible and embarrassing.

Do not get blackout drunk. Fuzzy memories can be fun, but no memory is plain scary.

Get a routine. Write a schedule. Have goals. Graduate.