Coastal cactus: Valore brightens Savannah’s hip hop scene

Coastal cactus: Valore brightens Savannah’s hip hop scene

Pictured: Rapper and poet Elaina Valore (via Facebook: Valore)

Blair Wagner, Staff Writer

The last thing people expect to see when they hear the word “rapper” is an Armstrong business economics major that harbors an obsession with Shakespeare and vintage clothing.

In the past year, rapper and spoken word artist Elaina Valore (known simply as Valore) has quickly risen and staked a claim in the local Savannah hip-hop scene. She celebrates on Valentine’s Day her next full-length album “Lizard Girl” with a release show comprised of all-female masters of ceremony.

Valore describes herself as, “a bright green cactus that brings color to a canvas of barren sand,” Valore’s music is distinctive and surrealistic . Her lyrics, layered over ambient tunes, paint pictures of a utopian world full of dance and euphoria. Her music is a testament to her journey as a female rapper.

The phrase “hard worker” is almost an insult toward a woman of Valore’s character. By day she is the president of Armstrong’s economics club, a full time student, and a professional sandwich maker at Midtown Deli. By night, she’s a performer, poet and  rapper. She is constantly involved in Savannah’s local music scene and is currently booking an entire East Coast tour.


Despite dealing with the hurdles of an already tumultuous life, Valore also faces massive gender barriers. “Being a female rapper, you have to deal with not being taken as seriously,” Valore said. “You have to work twice as hard to prove you’re just as good.”

“Lizard Girl” is a testament to her work ethic. The end product features the work of 10 other artists who have all collaborated with Valore on everything from sound production to package design.

“I’m huge on supporting and working with other artists, so my producers Obamavo and Vinay Arora are as much a part of this as I am. They’ve put so much work into creating these funky beats, and I’m very grateful for all they’ve done.”

Valore’s sunny personality and positive energy would never reveal the many faces she must wear throughout her daily life, an element that is clearly reflected in her music.

“Uplifting attitudes, mental stimulation and peace is all I want people to feel when they listen to “Lizard Girl,”” said Valore. “When people watch me perform, I want them to think. I want my words to teach people to let go and enjoy life.” She laughs, “and dance—I just want people to dance.”

Valore’s release of “Lizard Girl” will take place this Valentine’s Day at The Bomb Shelter. Fine The Bomb Shelter on Facebook for more information.