Artist profile: Mitchell McDuffie

Artist profile: Mitchell McDuffie

mitchellBy Melanie Gibson

“There’s just something about the rustic, crisp quality of a black and white photograph that really draws my attention,” McDuffie explains.

Third-year Visual Arts major Mitchell McDuffie has nurtured a passion for photography, examining subjects typically cast in a dramatic light composition of black and white detail that range anywhere from the large, expansive cityscapes to the specific features of individuals

McDuffie is not the first member of his family to hold an interest in the arts; the 21 year old Peachtree City native draws inspiration from his mother, a painter and respected member of the Atlanta Guitar Orchestra.

McDuffie’s interest in photography began in middle school when he and a close friend began filming themselves skateboarding. This began playing into his pre-existing appreciation for aesthetics and give a sharp kick-start to his career.

“I began casually taking photos on my camcorder that I filmed with…It didn’t become a serious hobby until a little over two years ago when I got my first digital camera as a freshman at Armstrong,” McDuffie said.mitchell2

When it comes to McDuffie’s equipment preferences, he enjoys using the Nikon D3100, a device known for its 14.2 megapixel camera. McDuffie has also recently explored the capabilities of the Nikon FM10, a camera that shoots with black and white film. He personally believes “both film and digital cameras have their pros and cons,” and doesn’t limit himself to one or the other.

After graduating from Armstrong he plans to use his Visual Arts degree to practice photojournalism or fine arts photography. In the meantime, he can usually be found skateboarding with friends or studying in the Learning Commons.