Meet Assistant Professor Virginia Estabrook: Anthropology Specialist

estabrook anthropology
Pictured: Dr. Virginia Estabrook

Teresa Durham, Staff Writer

“Have you ever seen that TV show Bones? That’s me,” Dr. Virginia Estabrook said of her profession.

Professor Estabrook is deeply involved in the Anthropology club on campus and is also seeking to have Armstrong offer a major in Anthropology. As of right now, the closes students can get is a degree in Liberal Studies with the option to concentrate in Anthropology.

Armstrong fans Anthropology will soon begin to see improvements in classes. A lab of models and actual fossils is expected to be offered in the upcoming fall semester. Dr. Estabrook also has exciting plans for Study Abroad. Estabrook and other professors are planning to take students to anthropology sites in Portugal and possibly Spain some time next year.

Originally from Maryland, Dr. Estabrook has lived in several places, including Michigan where she received her MA and Ph.D., and southern California. She specializes in following disease and trauma to human evolution, particularly throughout Europe and the Neanderthal period. She sees anthropology as studying what it means to be human. As such, she is a hands-on professor.

“There is a lot of repetition, definitions and jargon that you have to take layer-by-layer. For anthropology to touch on so many other subjects, it will be a fantastic minor attached to any degree,” Estabrook said.

Seventy-five minutes with large amounts of information can be tough so she likes to break up classes with YouTube videos. Students consistently report that Estabrook’s classes are enjoyable, citing that she is easygoing but serious about learning. For information on how to join the anthropology club, contact