Housing spaces receive updates


Compass point clubhouse after renovations
Pictured: the Compass Point Clubhouse after undergoing renovations. See end of article for “before” comparison.

By Alyssa Schiffman, Staff Writer

The multipurpose rooms inside Windward Commons and the Compass Point Clubhouse underwent a series of updates over spring break. Both facilities received new furniture in the form of sofas and tables that double as white boards. The Clubhouse received new flooring and paint.

The multipurpose rooms have not received new furniture since construction on Windward Commons was completed six years ago. The expanded seating, provided by the additional tables and larger sofas will allow far more students to use the multipurpose rooms than before.

A common complaint among Windward residents was that the multipurpose rooms did not have sufficient accommodations for the amount of students who wish to utilize them.

According to Mackenzie Parkhurst, a Windward Commons resident, the sheer amount the multipurpose rooms are used signified it was finally time for an upgrade.

A newly renovated Windward Commons multipurpose room“The rooms get used a lot, they’re always full, so it’s definitely a good thing we’re getting more furniture,” Parkhurst said.

The situation was worse in the Clubhouse, which has not been upgraded since 2008 and whose furniture was falling into disrepair. The Clubhouse serves as a valuable gathering place for Compass Point residents and student organizations, so any improvements were welcomed by students.

“The change is definitely welcome, some of the furniture was broken and out of date,” Compass Point resident Michelle Ramos said. “I haven’t been to the Clubhouse [to see it] yet, but I hope the upgrade maintained the homey feel.”

Compass point clubhouse before renovations
The Compass Point Clubhouse before undergoing renovations

The Department of Housing was well aware of the changes that needed to be made. According to director of housing Nick Shrader, student comfort is taken very seriously, thus steps were promptly taken to ensure a productive and pleasant atmosphere could be maintained.

“It was time, the furniture that had been in those spaces needed to be upgraded because they had been in there for several years.” Shrader stated, “This will make better study and social spaces for our residents.”

Both facilities are used frequently by students as a study, social, and relaxation space and are therefore important areas to the residents. These updates are certainly going to be well appreciated by the many current residents as well as residents to come.