GSA Hosts ‘A Prom in Hollywood’


web Hunter Hart and Stephanie Miller handing out awards at the GSA Prom Wednesday April 6, 2016
Hunter Hart and Stephanie Miller handing out awards at the GSA Prom Wednesday April 6, 2016

Kiara Morris and Elijah Clarke, Staff Writers

Prom is an event that has become a rite of passage for high school students, but not everyone always has the opportunity to enjoy prom.

For this reason, Armstrong’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) takes it upon themselves to host their own prom in the Student Union ballroom each year. This year’s theme was Hollywood.

Everyone who entered the ballroom signed an anonymous ballot voting for Prom King and Queen. The first 100 people to arrive received goodie bags full of candy and a letter thanking them for attending the event.

Even the Campus Union Board pitched in, providing 450 dollars for the event to serve refreshments and food.

The ballroom was adorned with all of the trappings of royalty, complete with a red carpet at the entrance. Prom-goers posed in front of a photo-wall with a large “Hollywood” splayed across the backdrop.

web students on the dancefloor at the GSA Prom Wednesday April 6, 2016Antonio Jeanty, a sophomore Spanish major, responded positively, saying “I really like this theme. It gives me my well-deserved spotlight.”

 Austin Helms and Hunter Hart were announced Prom King and Queen, respectively. After cheering and applauding, the two shared a dance together to “Work” by Fifth Harmony. Halfway through the song, they prompted everyone to return to the dance floor to and join them.

web students receiving awards at the GSA Prom in the student union Wednesday April 6, 2016Hart, GSA vice president, announced the GSA member honor awards. Congratulations to:

  • “Most Dedicated” member: Michael Swanson
  • “Most Valued” to Emily Bressler
  • “Family Daddy” to Jacob Boney
  • “Fundraising Pro” to Cora Registre
  • “Most Dependable” to Zakiyyah Forrest and Lauren Crisp
  • “Most Comical” to Mingo Mingledolph
  • “Most Advanced” to Jordan Soto
  • “Family Mama” to Ashley Keller
  • “Honorary Beyoncé” to both Daniel J. Hilton and Jacob Boney.

After all the awards, the music blasted as Jacob Boney and Ashleigh Calvert performed a well-choreographed routine in the middle of the dance floor.

Assata Griffin, a sophomore majoring in education said, “I wish they played more twerking songs, but all in all I really enjoyed myself.”