English major to pursue Master’s degree in England

English major to pursue Master’s degree in England

KC english england
Pictured: KC McGuire

Emilie Groover, Staff Writer

KC McGuire is anything but an average college student. As a fifth year senior she will graduate with her Bachelor’s in English and three minors; Creative Writing, French and Psychology.

In her final semester, McGuire works in the library, as co-editor of the Calliope, and as Dr. Rago’s research assistant, helping her run the Gender Studies program.

Throughout her five years at Armstrong, McGuire has been actively involved in the Honors Program, attending “every conference they have offered.”

With graduation fast approaching, the English major is looking forward to the changes ahead.

“I could see myself staying here but I don’t want to. I feel like you have to start new chapters in your life and I feel like getting out of where you went to high school and college is a good idea,” McGuire said.

McGuire will be getting out briefly when she joins other students on a study abroad trip to France this summer.

To continue her education, she will be applying to four English Masters programs in England: the University of Kent, Swansea University, the Royal Holloway University of London and the University of Surrey, but her heart is set on the University of Kent.

“The University of Kent has two campuses. They have one in Canterbury, which is the main campus, and they also have another one in Paris so if I go there I’ll be able to transfer between campuses,” said McGuire.

Ultimately, McGuire wants to be a University Professor and help other people improve their creative writing skills.

“I don’t think I could make a career out of just writing poems for the rest of my life so I’d like to help other people with their creative writing,” she said, adding, “those have been my favorite classes at Armstrong.”

Regardless of where McGuire ends up, two things are for sure: she will make the English department proud, and her cat Tootie will be by her side.