Armstrong sophomore youngest ever to receive Natural Health Certification


Sean Jackewicz is now certified in homeopathic medicineDonny Williams, Staff Writer     

Sean Jackewicz, 19, is a sophomore Biochemistry major. As a young child he witnessed his mother save a choking toddler’s life, a terrible situation that inspired him positively.

“The paramedics assumed the toddler had drowned,” he said. “[And] when her heart stopped beating, the paramedics declared her dead, but my mom kept trying. She eventually reached a finger into her mouth and pulled out the ball. The toddler started crying as my mother essentially brought her back to life.”

This event inspired Jackewicz to seek out ways to help others. He is a supporter of herbal remedies and seeks to educate the public on the benefits of natural remedies.

Jackewicz’s mother, Colleen, looked into herbal remedies after doctors diagnosed her with diabetes in her twenties. She brought him with her to a CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) class, which teaches students how to diagnose and treat ailments with herbal supplements and healthy lifestyle choices.

“The first class I attended covered the topic of Tongue/Nail analysis. Symptoms of several diseases such as Hypoglycemia manifest there long before more severe symptoms become prevalent,” Jackewicz explained. “I was immediately interested and asked the instructor if I was eligible to complete the course myself.”           

The instructor said that Jackewicz age was not an issue in becoming CNHP certified. In fact, if he completed the course before he turned 18, he would be the youngest person ever to receive the certification.

Jackewicz began his certification in Tampa, Florida, but later found classes available in Atlanta after his family moved to Savannah, Georgia. He accomplished his goal at age 17, officially making him the youngest person to ever receive a CNHP certification.

“There’s a good deal of confusion in the scientific and public eye as to exactly what a herbal remedy is,” Jackewicz said.

“I am certified in homeopathic (also known as holistic) medicine, which focuses on natural remedies for treating the body as a whole. Say a patient is suffering from painful acne. An Allopathic physician would prescribe a pill to treat the acne. As someone who practices homeopathic treatment, I would suggest a specific change in diet, which would eliminate the cause of the symptom and lead to a generally healthier lifestyle.”

Jackewicz continued his explanation by stating that some healthcare professionals believe homeopathic remedies are not as favorable as their allopathic counterparts because the natural remedies do not work immediately and are not as simple as taking a pill.

In general, the homeopathic community believes that using natural supplements made of herbs is  a better alternative to ingesting fast-acting fast-acting synthetic chemicals prescribed by the Pharmaceutical industry.

Jackewicz argues that homeopathic treatments encourage complete disease prevention, not just side effects.

Natural medicine is not a “one size fits all,” so Jackewicz runs, a website where visitors can take a free health evaluation and personally discuss their ailments with him.

After earning his Biochemistry degree, Jackewicz plans to obtain his medical license so that he can help others as a full-time profession.