Students alarmed by early financial aid deadline

financialaidscreenshotTAYLOR THOMAS, STAFF WRITER

Updates in financial aid requirements were implemented this semester. One of the most noticeable updates was a change in the payment deadline.

In the past, the deadline for tuition payments was on the first day of class, which is typically the second week of August. This year, the deadline was moved up to July 29.

Some students believe they were not given enough notification for this change. A senior nursing major who requested to remain anonymous expressed her concerns about the recent deadline change:

“I received an email and it was confusing. I think the top date said the payment was due in July and at the bottom it said a different date. Also, the email was sent close to the new deadline date,” she says.

According to the Office of Financial Aid, over 85 percent of Armstrong students are current recipients of financial aid. This includes students who are receiving loans, grants, scholarships and    work-study       opportunities. Financial aid guidelines and regulations are determined by a network of state, regional and national services. It is the job of the Office of Financial Aid, in conjunction with other university offices, to translate these regulations and any subsequent changes to those regulations, to Armstrong students.

Samantha Hutto, assistant director, of Financial Aid, explained, “Every year, there are changes to financial aid. Our office works with state, regional, and national networks to make these changes seamless for Armstrong students, while adhering to federal and state regulations.”

“Payment deadlines are not determined by the Office of Financial Aid, but by several university offices. However, our office works extensively to help students meet those established deadlines,” she adds.

The Bursar’s Office also works with students to get their fees and tuition paid. According to their site, the Office of the Bursar works to “make the process of paying your bills as clear and easy as possible,” as well as “manage student accounts by monitoring and maintaining billing for all university charges.”

Available on Armstrong’s website is a page that describes the steps a student would take to receive financial aid and the deadlines for these steps.

Other concerns Armstrong students have expressed include having trouble getting through to financial aid by telephone and not fully understanding the process of receiving aid.

There are steps available on the Armstrong website describing each step needed to receive financial aid, as well as the deadlines for those steps.

For more information on financial aid and tuition payment deadlines, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 912.344.3266 or Contact the Office of the Bursar at 912.344.3243 or