Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Stolen funds

On Sept. 1, a female student reported her wallet being stolen the previous day.

Another student had turned her wallet in after finding it open in the Sports Center parking lot with only a student ID and debit/credit cards. The owner realized that $40 cash, a $25 gift card to Olive Garden, and a $50 Visa prepaid gift card were missing. She had already cancelled her cards, but was given a case number to follow-up with the report in case any charges appeared on her cards.

Stolen decal

An Armstrong decal was reported stolen on Sept. 6. This is the third reported stolen decal so far this semester.

Underage drinking

On Sept. 11, Officers Gaskin and Bashlor responded to a noise complaint at University Crossings and Terrace. They were joined by Sgt. Sironen and walked around the area to check if there were any parties. Loud laughing and talking was coming from one of the apartments, so the officers knocked on the door and told the students to quiet down. A male opened the door and 5 other people were inside, including an RA. Officer Gaskin noticed there were 2 bottles of Bacardi Rum and a forty ounce Budweiser sitting on the counter. Since the apartment permitted alcohol, Gaskin checked the IDs of all the residents. Two students were 19-year-olds and one was a former student. The officers took pictures of the residents and alcohol. The former Armstrong student is now banned from housing.

Possible assault at Armstrong Center

On Sept. 13, Officer McNamara responded to a possible assault in the Armstrong Center. McNamara met with a manager who had just fired one of his workers. The worker then started arguing with the manager and threw a pair of keys at him, hitting the manager in the arm. Pictures were taken of the keys and a red mark on the manager’s left arm. The worker left before the officer arrived.

Possible hit and run

Officer Vales was tailed down by a student in the University Hall parking lot. The student reported that someone had hit his van. Noticeable damage to his left back bumper included crush damage and flaking paint, indicating that there was low speed impact between the vehicles. The student did not want to file an official report so the officer wrote only an informational report in case anyone wanted to confess.

Damaged faculty vehicle

On Sept. 14, a faculty member’s car had been damaged in the Victor Hall parking lot. Fresh white paint was transferred onto the driver’s side as well as chipped paint from her own vehicle.

Stolen wallet

Between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Sept. 15, A student’s wallet was stolen while he was playing basketball at the Rec Center. It contained his driver’s license, debit card and credit card. He has cancelled both of his cards.