After no sexual assaults reported, FU urges students to speak out



Emily Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Feminists United ‘speaking out’ against sexual assault on on Sept. 20 (Emily Smith)

11.2 percent of all students (graduate and undergraduate) are victims of rape or sexual assault. Armstrong’s Feminists United addressed this issue of sexual assault on campuses Tuesday, Sept. 20, at their Feminists Speak Out event in the Student Union.

In addition to providing statistics and hotline information, they showcased records of reported cases at Armstrong.

“We’ve had a 0 percent rate of reporting for three years,” senior biology major and Feminists United group leader Tracy Le said. “When you compare that to the statistics, it’s kind of hard to believe.”

This information includes reports at Armstrong’s main campus, residential areas and the Hinesville campus.

88 percent of women assaulted on college campuses do not report, which is one explanation for the reported numbers.

“The reason we’re having this is to bring awareness to rape culture and campus sexual assault,” senior gender studies major and Feminists United group leader Lena Ali said.

The purpose of the Speak Out event was to inform faculty and students of these statistics, resources known and encourage people to speak out.

“What we’re trying to do is give information and encourage people to report,” senior sociology major and Feminists United group leader Bree McDonald said.

“There’s a sexual assault hotline, a rape hotline, Armstrong has a counseling center, you can go to authorities or reach out to family and friends,” McDonald said.

If you are a victim of sexual assault, call The National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or visit the Armstrong Counseling Center in the Compass Point 7000 building.