Dog Day brings ‘good vibes’ to students


Lucy Stone, News Editor


Therapy Dogs International brought its furry friends to Armstrong’s campus once again Tuesday, Sept. 27. Stationed in the Learning Commons from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., five friendly faces were happily greeting students and offering a distraction from their busy schedules.

“Petting an animal is scientifically proven to reduce stress. If we can bring therapy dogs to students at a stressful time like midterms, we can provide a therapeutic outlet,” Kristi Smith, catalog/metadata librarian at Lane Library, said.

While this is Smith’s first time participating in the Learning Commons and Lane Library’s Dog Day, she has been involved in various dog days on other campuses. “It’s just fun to bring dogs to the library,” Smith added.

Students were thrilled as they pet and coddled each dog, especially one student. “Do you see this ugly little dog?” she asked through tears as she held the small pekingese, Coco Chanel. “…this dog is my best friend.”

While volunteers from Therapy Dogs International were available to answer pressing questions involving the age and name of each leashed dog, volunteer Sandy Taylor also explained the significance of certified therapy dogs: “Each dog has gone through extensive training to make sure they have the right temperament to do this work.”

Senior biology major Emily Flingos spent most of her time petting Lucy, the 9 year old golden lab. “Her presence is very relaxing and therapeutic,” Flingos said. “She is sending me good vibes.”

Dog Day will be happening again next semester in case any students were unable to attend.