CAMPUS VOICES: What did you think of the first presidential debate?



Grace Egan                              Freshman Business Econ Major





“It was really frustrating. There were a lot of generalizations on both parties. I feel like if someone is running for president, they should let someone finish and should answer the questions instead of blaming previous administration.”





Lashell Jordan                                        Junior Professional Communications





“Donald Trump sucks, pretty much Hillary defeated him. As the child he is, he decided to belittle her while she was speaking and never explained his full plan.”






Daniela Rodriguez                             Senior Psychology Major


“It was hopeless. I feel like people don’t think Trump is a good option, and neither is Hillary but people will vote for her so he doesn’t win. That shouldn’t be an option. It should be because that person is capable of running the country. I cannot vote because I am not a U.S. citizen, but if I could- it would be a hard choice.”






Marco Montes                                          Senior Rehabilitation Science



“It was trash. It felt like we were a bunch of six year olds arguing and bickering.”









Annelise Kim                                         Freshman Pre-Medicine Biology



“It was very hectic, not very organized, and somewhat disrespectful. I felt like it was an attack on everyone everyone instead of what they believe in.”