SCAD Black Student Association unites large crowd with open mic night at The Foundery


Lucy Stone, News Editor

Olyvia Scott performs song “Female Energy” at Foundery open mic night. – Sept. 302016 (Photo by Lucy Stone)

Magic happened on the corner of Habersham and Anderson Friday, Sept. 30. The SCAD Black Student Association (BSA) hosted “A Night of Poetry and Music” at The Foundery Coffee Pub, a regular spot for nonprofits and community groups to organize and share conversation, talent and coffee, too.

On this particular night, an open mic was available to anyone who had the courage to share their talents and feelings to a packed house. Almost 200 people gathered to hear performers. BSA regularly holds events that bring together not only SCAD students but also Armstrong and Savannah State students.

Several students took advantage of a last minute chance to share their spoken word art, songs or stories. Sophomore SCAD student majoring in animation, Sai Poffenbarger, performed acapella a passionate song she wrote a year ago about a bad breakup.

“I signed up last minute,” she explained. “I went through a really horrible breakup and this was a way for me to get closure.”

“I love that [open mic night] is a bunch of people getting together and sharing,” Poffenbarger added.

SCAD student Olyvia Scott, majoring in performing arts, sang Willow Smith’s hypnotic “Female Energy” to the crowd. Her stage name is “Olive Oaks” and this was her second time performing at the open mic show.

“I love the idea of people coming together,” Scott said. “I love what BSA represents: unity. It’s empowering.”

Many performances included spoken word poetry that received snapping fingers in agreement. Topics such as race, police brutality, relationships and personal introspection were shared to an engaged crowd. Audience members were hooked, feeling the emotions and thoughts expressed by the artists. Every performer earned a loud round of applause.

The crowd encouraged and supported every person who stepped up to the mic.

One man confessed his love to his significant other, despite acknowledging “it’s only been 3 weeks of school.” The crowd roared with applause and cheers during this touching moment. After he finished his poem, he and his girlfriend embraced to even more hoots from the attendees.

Crow Jones performed his story last. “I tell stories and whatnot,” he said.

Currently working on a book, his story revolves around a koala who travels around the world. Jones, decked out in his own koala shirt and overalls, read chapter two of his book to an entranced crowd. He ended stating, “… and that’s all y’all get for free,” and encouraged people to follow him on social media.

To wrap up, the SCAD BSA executive board was introduced. They organized the event and commented on the BSA’s ultimate goals.

“We are about a movement,” a board member explained.

“A movement doesn’t have a set leader. We are all leaders,” he added, referring to all the attendees in the room.

If you are interested in future events the SCAD Black Student Association is organizing, join their group on Facebook: SCAD Black Student Association.