Equal pay for equal work: Our generation’s biggest no-brainer


Tyler Tyack, Staff Writer

I am saddened, no, disgusted that in 2016 I am able to write about how women and men are not paid equally. In a time where most are walking on eggshells when it comes to political correctness, I am confused as to why we as a nation have not made income equality a standard part  of society.

According to the American Association of University Women, Georgian women earn, on average, only 80-84% of a man’s salary for the same job. Regardless of statistics, the very idea that women shouldn’t be making the same amount of money as men is just wrong. Women have the same ability and work ethic as men, and to continue to discount them is a major flaw in society.

Let’s look at the arguments against equal pay for equal work. Some say that the wage gap is due to maternity leave and women’s absences to take care of children. While yes, women are the ones who are pregnant, is the father of the child not equally responsible for it’s creation? Also, I might add, without producing new humans, our species would cease to exist. Therefore, pregnancy is a required process of any mammalian species, so why should women be penalised for it?

From a practical perspective, on average, women live statistically longer than men. However, they generally make less money for the same amount of work. How will a woman be able to comfortably outlive a  man when earning less money? The cost of living is typically higher for a woman anyway, yet when they have less money, they will be unable to maintain the same standard of living that a man does.

Here’s a random scenario; a man makes, let’s say one million dollars over the course of his life. If a woman in the same profession works the same amount of time, meaning she has no extended leaves of absence, she will typically make only eight hundred thousand dollars. Yet the millionaire dies sooner, and will probably have money left after death. The woman, on the other hand, will live past the man’s death, and with less money. Is it fair that the woman, who could still use the money, has cumulatively earned less?

Now I know that many feel it’s not the government’s place to regulate the economy in general, so they have no business messing with salaries. But think of this; a business, no matter how small or large, cannot discriminate on who they do business with when it comes to gender, race, or sexual orientation. Why should they be able to discriminate how much they pay?

Now, if this is an issue on your life, I urge you to speak out with others in your situation; I’m sure that there will be a lot of support from Feminists United. Men and women are equal, and both should be paid the same when the work they do is equal to.