‘Suck my nuts’: The Defiance of Abraham Ford *Walking Dead spoilers ahead*

Caleb Bailey, Sports Editor

Source: Comic Vine

On Sunday, Oct. 23, AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead” returned for its seventh season and after six long and agonizing months, fans finally found out which character Negan, the show’s newest badass antagonist played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, killed during the season six season finale in April.

It was a long-awaited reveal during a premiere episode that rivaled the revelation of “Who shot J.R.” from the hit 70s show “Dallas.” The speculation and rumors finally came to fruition as fans saw Negan swing Lucille, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, onto the head of Abraham Ford, a takeno-shit, militant character played by Michael Cudlitz, and brutally beating his head into a bloody mess onto the cold gravel ground of the rural county woods in northern Georgia.

However, before Ford’s brains were spread out all over the ground, he gave one final act of defiance to Negan to give his crew and the fans a final sendoff. Lucille connected with Ford’s skull and he gave quite possibly the three greatest words spoken on the show in six-plus seasons.

“Suck my nuts.”

Since 2009, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has continued to push the boundaries on what is acceptable with what people of all ages consume on television. But you have to remember, this is not network television.

AMC is the same channel that dropped an uncensored F-bomb in the critically-acclaimed and award-winning show “Breaking Bad” and felt absolutely no shame for doing so. You have to believe that they will feel the same amount and probably even less for the direction they took Cudlitz’s character.

This show about the post-apocalyptic world has also seen not one, but two homosexual couples and a woman have a baby with her husband’s, who she believed to be dead, best friend.

“The Walking Dead” is also based off the graphic novel of the same name, written by Robert Kirkman, who has a big hand in the production of the show. For the most part, producers Robert Gimple and Greg Nicotero try to stay true to the comic book series and did as well as they could in the Season 7 premiere last Sunday.

Aside from the F-word being dropped about 10 or 12 times, Negan’s introduction to the main crew of characters was spot on.

Before you think this final act of defiance was Ford just trying to get a laugh out of the fans, which he did, it shows a bigger story as to why he simply was the only person that Negan could have killed to keep the main group from rising up and rebelling against the newest baddie.

Abraham was one of the strongest characters, both physically and emotionally, on the show, despite his backstory showing where he nearly attempted to kill himself after his wife and kids were attacked by zombies. He was the one character that could have stood up for himself and rebelled against Negan and the Saviors.

It also shows that even when staring death in the face, he isn’t going to back down from his values. His character was always a bit of comic relief while also seeming to keep the group together in their time of need.

Whether he is dropping classic lines like “Mother Dick,” “Who’s Deanna?,” or “When you were pouring the Bisquick, did you mean to make the pancakes?” or he is just leading up the next plan for the betterment of the group, Abraham was the character that served as the physical glue in his two short seasons.

Rest in peace, Sgt. Abraham Ford.