‘Corpse Reviver, Issue No 1:’ Graveface releases first magazine


Ashlee Gilley


‘Corpse Reviver cover art and illustrations throughout are by Chloe Pinnock. Pick up a mag/7″ while supplies last to hear Marshmallow Ghosts’ eighth Halloween release

Kylie Fields, Managing Editor

Starland mainstay Graveface Records and Curiosities, retail constituent of Graveface Records, released their first-ever magazine, “Corpse Reviver Issue No 1,” Saturday, Oct. 29.

A typical article is just not appropriate here. As local purveyors of vinyl, vintage, horror and other oddities, Graveface’s “Corpse Reviver” is not a typical magazine.

The magazine, a first for the business, is a carefully-curated “celebration of everything paranormal, strange, and spooky with a curious and nostalgic 80s Halloween aesthetic.”

“Corpse Reviver’s” assortment of strange content was born from the decision to release a social media blast calling for fan and supporter submissions. This, coupled with cover art and detailed illustrations throughout by Chloe Pinnock, will provide readers a feeling similar to that of walking into the Graveface retail storefront: you never know what you will find.

All magazines come complete with a 7” record that features the eighth annual Halloween release by The Marshmallow Ghosts (plus a side-B surprise) and a code for a high-quality download on Bandcamp.

“The magazine itself is actually a vehicle for the record,” Managing Editor Ian McCarthy explained. “[The owner] is in Marshmallow Ghosts and likes to do something different with every release.”

The team worked diligently to piece together submissions like short stories, film reviews, poetry, recipes, essays, tutorials, horror-scopes and more just in time for Halloween. “This is stuff we just couldn’t have come up with on our own,” McCarthy said.

Response has been pleasantly surprising for the small editorial team. Copies sold out within three days following their online release and locally-printed issues available at the storefront continue to dwindle.

In related Graveface news, the Savannah store recently celebrated their fifth year doing business in Starland. The shop’s Fifth Anniversary Block Party was rescheduled for this Friday, Nov. 4, due to Hurricane Matthew earlier in the month. Pop by W 40th St. during the First Friday Art March for flash-sales, food, vendors and live music.

For more on Graveface events, news and releases, check them out on Facebook at “Graveface Records & Curiosities” and on Instagram @graveface_sav.

Marshmallow Ghosts Playlist

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PLKOQ4BD80ZiHkGWFEYS44AuH9hgNfSz-h&w=560&h=315]