SGA Town Hall Meeting: Reflecting on recent student engagement initiatives

Emily Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Recent student engagement initiatives and campus safety were discussed by faculty and students at the Student Government Association town hall meeting Nov. 29.

Student Government President Dustin Stewart led the discussion, allowing faculty panelists to recap communication improvements made between students and faculty. The floor was then open for the sparse group of students in the audience to ask questions.

“I think these kind of forums are really wonderful,” Armstrong President Linda Bleicken said. “Anything where we can have an opportunity to actually talk to one another is a good thing.”

Student engagement efforts made in the counseling center, police department, housing, IT services, and other departments were briefed by representatives from each.

Many departments have developed ways to engage with and receive more feedback from students. Armstrong Police Chief Wayne Willcox explained the success of the “Cops and Snow cones” function. Officers tabled in Windward Commons, giving away over 200 snow cones while conversing with residents. The police department has also recently established a stronger presence in campus housing areas on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

Vice President of Student Affairs Georj Lewis noted changes made in the counseling center including the addition of a new counselor and expansion of the center itself.

In addition, housing, dining services, and IT services have established regular meeting times and student committees in which students are able to voice concerns to faculty.

Director of Housing and Residence Life Nick Shrader reviewed efforts made by Housing and Residence Life, discussing new Resident Assistant training and the department’s objective to budget for more student activities.

Advancements in IT services include the new Tech Hub in Memorial College Center as well as the addition of representatives on the tech fee committee.