Television Drinking Games: Chardee MacDennis

Tayler Critchlow

You know that game, “Chardee MacDennis”, from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Wish I knew how to play…

“It’s not just a game….it’s a war.”- Charlie
“Drinking IS the game. That’s the whole point.” – Dee

It is the Game of Games! It is Chardee MacDennis. That is right, the game that Charlie and Mac have yet to ever win. Want to try your hand at this infamous game that incorporates the mind, body, soul, and alcohol? Well now you can, because I found the rules!
In a total of 15 minutes, not including the frequent stoppage time, two opposing teams must battle through three different levels. The first place prize is getting to stomp on the losing teams game pieces.
The game board itself is simple. Take a piece of board that you can draw three circles on big enough to fit your play pieces on. Now the play pieces are whatever you wish them to be. In the show, Barbie and Ken dolls are used as well as little action figures. It is best if you can nail the game down to a permanent surface, just in case the losing team decides to try and flip the board out of anger.
Round One is the “Mind” portion where participants are asked about trivia, puzzles, and artistry. Wine is the drink of choice. Completing three challenges allows a team to advance onto the second level.
Round Two is the “Body” portion which includes physical challenges, endurance, and pain. At this level only beer is served and cursing is no longer allowed. If a player curses, then that team must chug a drink for five seconds…while the other team counts. Once a team earns two cards they can advance into the third and final round.
Round Three is the “Soul” portion where players are subject to emotional battery and public humiliation. Only hard liquor is consumed at this level and no mercy can be shown.
Chance cards are scattered throughout the questions and challenge cards as well. There are three options. Take the money from everyone’s pockets. Swallow this card whole. Go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
And jail is a dog kennel. Players must remain in the dog kennel until they eat all the ingredients of a cake or the game is over.
Now for the rules.

  • Always have a first aid kit on hand in the case of injury.
  • Nail down the board, so that players cannot flip it when angry at losing.
  • If a player spills his drink, that team must chug the other teams drinks.
  • In the event of a tie, which has only ever happened once in the history of the game, players must draw on the Black Card which instructs that the winner be determined by a coin flip.
  • Any infraction of the rules and the players team must drink for five seconds.

Now, for rule breakers.

  • Cheating is a part of the game, it is tolerated and accepted, but if a player is caught cheating then they are penalized.
  • If both teams are on the same level the non-cheating team advances a level. If the cheating team is on a higher level, than the non-cheating team is brought to that level.

Though it is but a game, proper etiquette must be followed and adhered to.

  • Before each round there is a time when classical music is played, small talk ensues and participants dine together in order to give the illusion of respect for the other team. All game rules are off during the pre-round reception. Once the reception is done, wine glasses are smashed and fierce Maori war dancing commences to intimidate the other team.

Now, play safe and have fun.
And remember…no questions allowed in Chardee MacDennis!