Starlandia Creative Supply Launches New Space Station

Grace Powers, Staff Writer

Starlandia Creative Supply’s entrance to the Space Station. Jan. 24, 2017. Photo by Stewart Harding.

Although the name suggests asteroids, planets and cosmic space, Starlandia Creative Supply’s newest addition is not a hub for the scientific exploration of space. Their Space Station is actually a “highly quirky” event space used for hosting workshops, classes and community events. They offer creative writing for teens and seniors, “Do-Re-We” singing classes for toddlers and babies and Petite Picasso, a course designed to help young artists discuss and develop their artistic style. Located in the Starland District in midtown, the space also showcases all-ages performances of all kinds.

The namesake of this event space not only keeps the spirit of the Starland District, but also with the spirit of Starlandia itself. Founder and owner Clinton Edminster explained that “the Starlandia side [of the building] is an exercise in the organization of THINGS that take up space. Things like art supplies, yarn, paint, etc. The Space Station gives us a chance to organize time. Time for music, time for rehearsals, time for learning, and most importantly, time for the community to come together and share thoughtful experiences.”

The Space Station represents Starlandia’s combination of “things” and “time,” a concept by which many artists both in the Savannah community and beyond are continually inspired.

Starlandia opened to the public in June 2015 and has since successfully carried out its mission of preventing art supplies from entering landfills in the Savannah area. Since its opening, they have repurposed over 20,000 pounds of materials. In addition to their environmental efforts, the business has also developed a live broadcast, “Starlandia LIVE,” where Edminster discusses local politics and interests with members of the Savannah community.

The show, which airs Mondays at 10 a.m. on their Facebook page, is filmed in their Space Station and has garnered a strong local following.

Having received the Best New Store and Best Art Supply Store local awards in 2016, Starlandia has also accumulated national attention through popular media outlets such as the New York Times and Marie Claire Paris.

With the addition of their Space Station, Starlandia will be able to continue to cater to and support their local community and spread their message. For more information on how you can experience Starlandia’s Space Station, visit their website or Facebook page, or drop by in person at 2438 Bull St.