Creepin’ on Craigslist


The seminars will take place at the Biological Sciences building in room 1109.

We don’t claim to be matchmakers, but we can try! Do you have a Craigslist Missed Connection?


Chris Stapleton – w4m (Effingham)

I saw you at a store in reminded me of Chris Stapleton….if you can sing like him…email me!


Abercorn gas station – w4m (Savannah)

I saw you this morning around 8am. I was pumping gas. You pulled out glanced at me for a second, looked down and then looked at me again. We locked eyes. You were driving a black truck. I would love to chat. Tell me what I was wearing and the color of my car.


Geek-end Hairy Chest – m4m (Savannah) hide this posting

Saturday lunch at geek-end. You: cute guy wearing your GE t-shirt, with a lot of chest hair showing out of your collar. Me: bearded guy with glasses who talked to you about salad dressing. Was hoping I’d see you again, but didn’t. Hope you’re local and see this, and maybe want to get coffee.


Spoke before work – w4m

Looking for Greg from the Savannah chatroom this morning on qwikmeet. I never got your number and you said you wanted to meet Sunday at Buffalo Wild Wings. If you see this message me here. I’d rather walk in with you than meet. I just don’t want it to feel awkward.


The Olde Pink House – m4m (Downtown)

I had dinner at The Olde Pink House on Friday night. You were the super cute black waiter that kept making eye contact me. I was the tall blonde guy wearing khaki pants and black sweater. I am in town often for work, let’s put something together….


We worked out in compression tights – m4m (Savannah)

You are a white, DL military guy, good looking and fit. We worked out in compression running/workout tights and then messed around. like to get together again if you see this.


‘Riverstreet sweets’ for a longshot sweet – m4w (Savannah)

We met very briefly in the ‘Riverstreet Sweets’ candy shop at Tanger Outlets. Sometimes meeting briefly reminds you what you’re looking for. We glanced each other in passing as you were walking through the candy shop. I waited for you to pass between two other peeps; however, should have spoken to you more than just saying ‘hello’. I couldn’t feel your vibe at the time. I saw you again when you were leaving ‘Riverstreet sweets’ candy shop which you gave me the once over and then you headed to your car. I so wanted you to turn back around. I was currently with peeps and couldn’t talk; however, I would like to get to know you better. Am planning on passing through the Tanger outlets again this Saturday around the same time. I will be at the Riverstreet Sweets candy shop at the same time too, just to see if I could find you once again. If you see this, send me a message as I’d like to get to know you. Tell me what I was saying or wearing… or what you remember…


You like birds – m4w

You said to the cashier “I like birds.” I was considering saying hi but missed my chance.


Bobo’s Seafood off Victory Wednesday 7 Dec. – m4w (Savannah)

You walked in on your phone. I’m guessing fresh from the gym. There was a big argument going on. You asked me where do you place your order at. Then you asked me what the difference between the low country boil and the Bobo’s special. I should have asked you for your number or gave you mine….I was caught off guard by your eyes. Maybe we can try it again.


Chamber meeting today – m4w

You looked great in your light blue/green dress and boots. We smiled at each other in the hallway. If you see this and care to reply, tell me what color my shirt was.


Taco bell by sav mall – w4w (South side)

You worked in the drive thru that’s where I seen you… You had the most beautiful smile my knees felt weak even though I was driving lol. I wanted to give you my number. Got shy at the last moment. Heavy set woman in a blue car…. The receipt head your initials of S.B on it I two grillers and freeze tell me what kind of freeze so I know it’s you.