Armstrong Theater presents Broadway musical ‘Baby’

Ali Wells, Business Manager

Play members wait to hear their characters’ fates. Photo via show trailer. 

Its that time of year again. The bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping and people fall in love. What sometimes happens when people fall in love? Accidents…. like having a kid. Oops.

This past weekend, Armstrongs Art, Music and Theatre program performed a musical appropriately named Baby. Originally, Babywas a Broadway musical directed and written by dynamic duo Richard Maltby Jr. and David Shire. This fun musical is about three different couples who unexpectedly find out theyre having a child and they all have very different reactions to the sudden news.

One couple has been trying to have a child for a while, the second are two college students who were not as careful as they thought while the third are an older married couple who are just confused on how it happened it the first place. As the show goes on, all three couples have to deal with the stress of going through a pregnancy and how it changes them, for good or bad.

Seats were filled to capacity with supporters and the show was extremely well-received following the performance.

Unna Yared, a student supporter, attended the show in support of her best friend, Madison Sloan, playing a leading role. The acting in the play is what really set it apart from others I have seen on campus,” Yared said. “Dealing with the topic of pregnancy can be a heavy one and the actors treated it well. They showed real emotion and it really made the play more enjoyable.

Another student, Katie Jett, found herself at “Baby” for different reasons. She was required to   see Babyfor a theater class and was pleasantly surprised, especially in terms of setting.I liked the college setting, it made easier to picture everything, she said.

“Baby” actress Madison Sloan explained, My favorite part about being a part of the musical is the process. Everybody works so hard and youre a team when youre a part of the show. Its like being a part of a sport or a club. Everyone has to put forth effort and everyone in this show did. It was all very supportive, she said.

The next production will be Parallel Lives,which will premiere March 4, 2017.