Donald Trump and the Perception of Victimhood


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Juan Rojelio

In a recent edition of the Inkwell, Katherine Scheuering bemoans the travel ban imposed by the Trump administration.  She makes a compelling argument as to the inherent faults in the executive order. The travel ban was both too broad in that it targeted those who already had documentation (such as green cards) and too narrow in that it did not target all nations with people who pose a potential threat.  I agree that the executive order was poorly written, but I wholeheartedly agree with the spirit of the order. The travel ban needs to be expanded to include nations such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, while also protecting individuals already in the country with correct documentation.

Scheuering implies that the reason specific nations were targeted was because they did not have business dealings with Trump. This is a complete farce. The seven nations were originally four – congressional bills signed by Obama identifying nations requiring much greater scrutiny in regards to visas – the Obama administration would later add three nations to the list. Trump did not pull these nations out of a hat. He used information from the Obama administration as a platform to later build upon.

Scheuering goes on to decry the proposed legislation to continue the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines; defund women’s “healthcare”; and terminate the Environmental Protection Agency. The issues with the EPA and the pipelines go hand in hand. The EPA should be terminated, along with many of the departments under the Executive Branch. These various departments have the power to declare what is and is not law in their various fields. This power should be returned to congressional authority. The Executive Branch has come to dominate our government needs to be severely dismantled and the powers of the presidency reduced. This overreaching executive authority was never an issue for the regressive left under Obama.

The pipelines themselves do not violate any previously establish environmental laws nor does the DAPL violate the rights of the tribes in the building area. Of the ten tribes that were consulted on the construction of DAPL, nine gave permission to build and the other tribe (the tribe currently protesting) waited until well after the veto deadline before making an issue out of the construction. It should be noted that neither pipeline passes through any federally recognized tribal lands.

On the issue of women’s “healthcare”, yes, it is true that there is currently legislation put forth to defund Planned Parenthood. To say that the legislation is attacking healthcare for women is nonsensical. Planned Parenthood is a private organization and thus is not eternally entitled to government funds. When speaking about women’s healthcare, Scheuering clearly means abortion. It is worth noting that per polling date, nearly half of women are opposed to abortion. Abortion can be a complicated topic at times but the idea that people who are morally opposed to it should be forced to have their taxes go towards funding the act is tyrannical.  Even with a defunded Planned Parenthood, women are still able to go to hospitals, visit doctors, and get checkups, contrary to what Scheuering would imply.

Scheuering closes out her diatribe by accusing the Trump administration of not being interested in “women’s rights, minority, immigrant, or LGBTQ rights”. This shows the effectiveness of the smear campaign conducted throughout the course of the election by the media industrial complex. I would like someone to explain how exactly Trump will deny any of these “victim” groups their rights. He is the most far left republican in the history of the party. He openly supports gay marriage (something that until recently, Clinton was against), stated that trans people should be able to use whatever bathroom they like, and received the more minority support in the election than any republican candidate since George W. Bush.

It is interesting to me how the slogan “Make America Great Again” makes those on the left squirm. No, the slogan is not an implicit plea to return to 1950’s America. To imply that Trump and his supporters wish to see a return to a nation where whites are afforded full rights at the cost of minorities is to do a disservice to the minorities who voted for him as well as those who voted both for him and twice voted for Obama. Voting twice for a black man and not voting for a white woman does not make one a hater of minorities. As a person of mixed race, myself, perhaps Scheuering can dictate to me on how I am supposed to vote.

I am not a Trump supporter. I did not vote for him. But to act as though he is preparing for a Hitlerian presidency is as insane as when those on the far right believed Obama was getting FEMA camps ready for when he declared martial law. Trump is not perfect.  But promoting mass hysteria like Scheuering does serves no constructive purpose.