Savannah Stopover offers diverse lineup

Lila Miller, A&E Editor

Brooklyn band Best Behavior will perform at El Rocko Lounge March 11th. (Facebook)

The Savannah Stopover music festival brings new music to the lowcountry as bands make their way to Austin, TX, for South by Southwest (SXSW). Stopover gifts Savannah with a riotous weekend of new music, up and coming artists and some more recognizable acts as well.

Stopover is now in its seventh year, and continues to improve. This years line-up boasts over eighty bands all over the country, as well as abroad.

Julien Baker

Julien Baker is no stranger to live performances. As one of Stopovers headlining artists, Baker has been performing since 2015. A look at her Spotify account reveals several live sessions from artist discovery platform Audiotree and Spotify itself.

Baker has released a collection of singles as well as a full-length album, Sprained Ankle,out in 2015. Her latest single, Funeral Pyre,was recently released Jan. 6, 2017.

Baker brings a haunting, melodic sound almost reminiscent of indie band Daughter. Baker hails from Nashville, Tenn. and is sure to be a captivating presence in this years lineup. She will perform at 9 p.m. March 11 at the Trinity United Church. All ages.

The Dig

If solemn tunes dont strike a chord, Brooklyn band The Dig provides a more pop-driven sound. The Dig also treks south to Stopover from New York.

The band has come far from their first album Midnight Flowerswhich debuted in 2012. The band has since departed from their original laid-back beachy tunes to offer a more sophisticated, dreamy album with this years Bloodshot Tokyo, released Feb. 3. The Dig is scheduled to play Stopover at 7 p.m.  March 9 at the Ships of the Sea Museum.

Best Behavior

Another Brooklyn band, Best Behavior, returns to Savannah for a second time. Best Behavior played Savannah just last year at Hangfires brainchild, El Rocko Lounge.

Best Behavior plays garage-pop with breakout single Bad Habitfrom their first album Good Luck Bad Karmasetting the tone for a trademark high-energy performance. Their music often brings to mind 60s British Invasion era music but maintains a modern feel with cohesive and contemporary musical stylings. Best Behavior will perform at 3 p.m. on March 11 at El Rocko Lounge.

Daddy Issues

Nashville, Tenn. band Daddy Issues welcomes a more gritty, experimental sound to the lineup. Originally conceived as a parody account on Twitter, Daddy Issues has evolved into three women that picked up instruments and played SXSW a mere six months later.

Daddy Issuesmusic is a mix between witchy grunge, surf glam and punk with a healthy dose of static and reverb. The band plays the Jinx at 11 p.m. March 9.

The Bottom Line?

Overall, Savannah Stopovers 2017 lineup is proving to be as diverse and inclusive as the communities that reside here. Stay tuned for next weeks profile on local Savannah bands.

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