Sweet Tease burlesque takes the Jinx, star signs align

John Winslow, Staff Writer

Sweet Tease burlesque takes the Jinx, star signs align.

While your Saturdays may be more interesting than the rest of the week, were you watching a libra weigh her scales, a mermaid find her legs or a gemini revel in psychotic tendencies? The above absurdities and more were on display at the Jinx for Written in the Stars: A Zodiac Inspired Burlesque Show put on by Savannahs very own burlesque troupe, the Savannah Sweet Tease.

Only the latest in a series of themed shows, the Sweet Tease puts on several productions which pay homage to months of the year, awkward affairs of the heart and film blockbusters to name a few.

Burlesque, when properly executed, finds a way to weave and balance sexuality, humor, tease and talent into a display that is simultaneously sensual, engaging, comedic and empowering.

For the performers of the Sweet Tease, empowerment is most important.

Massage therapy major and Sweet Tease performer Gabby Fajardo said, “I love to support my girlfriends and my community The Sweet Tease are the pride of local women, who not only entertain, but empower.

Performers exude auras of confidence and security in their performances.

Peterson Worrell, a local musician and regular attendee of Sweet Tease shows, explained that he appreciates the message of body positivity that the troupe has brought to Savannah, as well as the degree to which the group has embraced male performers.

The Sweet Tease has established itself as a landing point for performers from other cities, hosting this week Atlanta-based crooner, Johnny Pine and Starry Delight, from Knoxville.

Collaborations go both ways. The Sweet Tease have also lent individual acts to the road. Tease original Jack N. ThaCox has even performed in Londons annual Burlesque Festival, giving Europeans a reason to crave a little sugar in their tea.

Upcoming shows include 123 Tease on March 16 at Club One, as well as appearances at Bernies on Tybee and the Savannah Tattoo Festival. The troupe will launch its Pussy Grabs Backtour April 21 as a tribute to powerful women.

Follow the group on instagram @savannahsweettease or connect on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheSavannahSweetTeaseBurlesqueRevue.