Career Corner

Glenn Gibney

Director, Career Services

This week’s issue of Career Corner focuses on the power of preparation.  If you have attended one of our Interview Skills workshops or conducted a mock interview with Ms. Goode or myself, you know that the most important part of your interview is actually preparing for the interview itself.  

It is essential that you assess yourself, knowing your strengths and weaknesses before you walk in the door.  Never assume that the interviewer is familiar with your resume and experiences – it’s very likely that they have skimmed your resume just prior to your meeting (confession, I have done that many times!).  

Take the time to write down specific examples of where you have shown leadership, expertise, or resilience.  Expect the hard questions (what are your strengths, your weaknesses, why should we hire you?) and be prepared to answer those questions with specific examples.  And, of course, use social network sites like LinkedIn to research the background and experiences of the people you will be interviewing.  

With the spirit of preparation in mind, Armstrong’s office of Career Services wants to prepare you for our upcoming Spring Career Fair April 6 by conducting Spring Career Week from March 27–31. Each day that week we will offer at least one career development workshop, including Resume Writing Skills, Career Fair Strategies, Interview Strategies, and a LinkedIn seminar.  

We will have a Resume Clinic Drop-in March 28 featuring professionals from JCB North America, Hargray Communications, Brasseler USA and The Savannah Bee Company to help critique your resume and give you an insider’s view of the hiring process.  We hope you join us for this important and information-filled week.

Internship Highlights!

  • World Trade Center Savannah has announced 4/12/17 application deadlines for their Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 internships.  WTC Savannah’s unpaid interns complete a five month program gaining critical insights into corporate management, international business transactions, marketing programs, and cross-cultural business etiquette.  This is one of our most popular and competitive internship opportunities.  Apply directly with your cover letter and resume to
  • The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management has announced ten week, paid summer internship opportunities that include travel and housing.  The internships include: Science Undergraduate Lab Internship; Visiting Faculty Program; Minority Education Institution Student Program; and the DOE Scholars program.  For more information, go to  
  • Project Y.E.S! is a paid, national internship program engaging college students in service to provide youth development programming for military families affected by deployments or other service related programs.  Project YES interns receive high-level training in leadership development, facilitation skills, youth development and curriculum. Project YES interns will have to commit to traveling one weekend a month.  The application deadline is April 15.  For program information visit