Armstrong Improv Troupe hosts last laugh show


Kristina Agbebiyi

Madison Watkins, Staff Writer


Last weekend, Armstrong’s Improv Troupe hosted their “Last Laugh Improv Show” in the Jenkins Hall Blackbox Theatre.

The show was different from the usual shows by the Theatre department in that the actors do not use a script. The cast members had a single month to prepare, counting the week they did not hold rehearsals due to spring break.

The large audience turnout benefited the performance which is based largely on audience participation. Audience members were instructed to write a random sentence, place and object on a sheet of paper and put it in a hat. Once the show started, director and host TJ Vaughn used these submissions to instruct cast members on their next scene.

Cast member Jakarie Miller had to act out the sentence I dabbed with a moose.

During the course of the hour-and-a-half show, the cast members participated in a variety of games. In one game, a cast member left the room while the audience came up with crazy reasons as to why they were late to work, crowd suggestions featured they had to get an Uber on a unicycle, they were attacked by seagulls or their water bed full of fish popped.

The uncertainty of [the show] made it more active,” cast members Miller and Olivia Quillman said. “You had to be able to think quickly on your feet.

It was so exciting because I got to work with great people who are really talented in a great show. They had a great attitude and really built each other up.Director Vaughn said.

Formerly a cast member and now directing, Vaughn prefers the latter.

I can envision everything during a show and its easier to use that as a director. When you hold that position, the vision is at your discretion,he explained.

The Armstrong Theatre Program will showcase student-written plays during its New Voices show April 14-16.