Lane Library to update GIL- Find with new system

Lane Library to update GIL- Find with new system

Kayla Gamble, Staff Writer

Pictured: Lane Library help desk (

On May 26, the Lane Library will be implementing the new Integrated Library System (ILS), a new version of GIL- Find (GALILEO Interconnected Libraries) that will be available for  summer courses. The University System of Georgia (USG) decided that Lane Library will upgrade its online services to fall in line with other libraries that part of the USG.

The changes that make this system new are not major but will be beneficial in several ways.

Instead of having to use a separate password and PIN, students will use their Port of Armstrong logins to gain access to dozens of sources.

Students will no longer have to consult different Armstrong search engines, as the new GIL-Find will allow anyone to find journals that can be accessed through online services like GALILEO. These changes are expected to make searching for sources easier.

University librarian Doug Frazier said ,“the [GSU] consolidation is a completely independent event,” but that they “have been meeting regularly with our counterparts at Georgia Southern’s library to discuss how we will merge operations. As you can imagine, there is a lot involved and we have not yet discussed the specifics involved with merging our computer systems.”

“I do believe that both libraries will merge all the data into a shared system, and that students on both campuses will have the same borrowing privileges for books and media regardless of which library has what they want.”

This process may take some time and will possibly take place in the second half of 2018, if not later.

For now, the library’s main focus will be training its staff on how to use the new GIL-Find so they may better assist students or faculty. Frazier warned there could be a few glitches upon the ILS going live, as this is expected for most new programs.

The ILS will undergo additional changes the software vendor continues to work on the new interface. The interface is expected to be released sometime next year and will be more visually appealing than the one set to release next month.

For now, expect Armstrong’s social media accounts to be rolling out a few tutorials and tips on navigating the new GIL-Find later this spring. Until late May to early June, expect a learning curve as Armstrong works towards a more resourceful future.