April Horoscopes


March 21- April 19

Mars/Pluto trine could help you achieve a long-cherished goal in the beginning of this month. Sweet love and romance come your way in the middle of the month around April 10th with a full moon. If you’re feeling a bit selfish, it’s ok. This is all part of your charm. Relax and do what comes naturally to you. The New Moon on April 26 may bring you a luck with money, or perhaps a desired goal becomes easier to get now. A financial decision that seems obvious to you may surprise those around you, but your instincts will outweigh any advice. Listen to your gut, but be smart and not hasty.



April 20- May 20

The Full Moon on April 10th improves your daily routine. Clean up loose ends and take the opportunity to get organized. You’ll get plenty of assistance from those around you without even asking. Take the help, but remember to show your gratitude. On April 15, look for more tender hearts and perhaps a random love token. A new moon on April 26th lets you be a new you. Create a peaceful, beautiful world for yourself and know that you can make it last. Feel secure about everything that you truly love.



May 21- June 20

The full moon on April 10th encourages you to be extra playful. People will appreciate your cheerfulness and the charm of your inner child. Smile and be merry! Give yourself some private time on April 26th to reflect on what you want to do and future projects. Don’t make any hasty decisions and take your time thinking things through. You’ll make the best decision for you. On April 28, the Mercury/Uranus conjunction sets your mind ablaze with a zillion ideas. Write down your ideas for later when you have a clear head.



Jue 21-July22

Feel at home wherever you are during the full moon on April 10. Find refuge in your comfort zone whether that be your own home or out at your favorite coffee shop. In this phase, you’ll make a lot of people feel comfortable and at peace too. A lot of doors for your social life open during the April 26 new moon. If you’ve wanted to step up into a different circle of friends, there could be some friendly introductions coming your way. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions on April 30 when the Cancer Moon meets Neptune.



July 23- August 22

Avoid an argument on April 6 when the Leo Moon squares Mars and trines Saturn. The full moon on April 10 may remind you of how much people love and appreciate you. It may not be flowers, but friends can show they care in both material forms and compliments. The new moon on April 26 is the best time to look for career opportunities. Remember to be authoritative to get what you deserve.



August 23- September 22

The full moon on April 10th brings to light an obscure financial matter. But don’t worry- this could be as small as an unexplained service charge. You will feel at ease to find out that you’re not the only one in a situation that has an easy fix. The problem may even correct itself without you doing anything. Be more intuitive on April 19th as the Sun conjoins Mercury. The new moon on April 26th is a great time to examine an emotional subject more deeply.



September 23- October 22

Be whoever you want to be on the full moon of April 10th. You may have the most fun by not putting any plans in stone. Be spontaneous for once libra! Friends may ask you for advice on how to make an emotional problem go more smoothly. The Venus retrograde period ends on April 15 and your love life can get back on track. On April 26th, the new moon could bring advisors to you who have good professional advice. Now is the time to put small issues on your mind to rest.



October 23- November 21

The April 10th full moon is rich in mystery and provides a time for revealed secrets. You may learn more than you want to know being a fly on the wall, possibly about a large group of people. Be patient and take a time-out if the chit-chat gets to be too much. The new moon on April 26th brings new love realization into your life. It could be a budding romance that you overlooked before or insight that enriches your current relationship. Find a new way to make your love life more stable and reliable.



November 21- December 21

The Moon/Jupiter trine on April 1st starts you off on an optimistic, generous note. Dance and be lively during the full moon on April 10th. This is a time when your social life will really sparkle and shine. Expect to buy tickets or accept an invite to a big concert or show. You don’t have to be the party host this time. You’ll still be busy, of course, but reduce stress and enjoy a less hectic schedule.



December 22- January 19

The April 10th full moon lights up your professional prospects. If you’ve been competing for a new position or project, good news may be on the way. Expect to cooperate with a larger team. On April 17th, the Sun/Saturn trine grants you extra respect amongst friends and coworkers. For the New Moon on April 26th, find more pleasure in something you may have overlooked before. See the value in something or some action that you may have dismissed as frivolous. You were probably in a rush before to take a careful look. Slow down and appreciate the little things more.



January 20- February 18

The Full Moon on April 10th could attract a lot more positive influences into your daily life. It may be only for a few days when a lot of new acquaintances appear and introduce you to their love for culture, arts, music, and food. Enjoy this time with these people. On April 13th, the Sun/Uranus conjunction could send a big surprise your way so be on your feet. A disturbing feeling or impression may simply vanish once you mull it over. Live your life more comfortably and try not to worry so much.



February 19- March 20

On the full moon of April 10th, you can get just about anyone to cooperate and work with you to make life a little smoother for everyone in your circle. Don’t get overly ambitious or take on too much. The Moon/Neptune conjunction on April 22nd makes sure that you have a much needed romantic weekend, or you could come to a realization about your lovelife. The New Moon on April 26th brings neighbors together, so take advantage of this time. Peace and quiet may be scarce, so remember to use this time wisely. Listening to your favorite music in the evenings or meditating regularly can help you keep your balance.