In the remaining three weeks of classes, the push to-wards summer break becomes nearly rabid as students strug-gle to complete assignments, study for exams and find some semblance of creature comfort. Comfort in its most accessible form is usually food. The two recipes below are both under $10, require a thirty minute prep time at most, need limited cooking knowledge and no fancy tools or hardware are necessary.

Coca-Cola crock pot chicken

An old-fashioned promotional photo for Coca-Cola.

Tools needed:
1 crock pot. If there is not one available, most Goodwills will sell them for around $6- 8.

four boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
One bottle of barbecue sauce, Sweet Baby Ray’s regular barbecue sauce recommended.
One to two 12 ounce cans of Coca-Cola, as personal preference dictates.

One tablespoon of minced garlic
A few dashes of soy sauce

1. Wash off chicken breasts and place in crock pot covered on HIGH for three hours.

2. After chicken has fully cooked, drain juices from crock pot.

3. Mix the sauces, cola and garlic together.

4. Pour mixture over chicken and allow to cook for another thirty minutes on HIGH.

5. Eat the chicken. One breast is one serving.

While the chicken itself is often enough for unassuming carnivores, quick and painless optional sides include ready-made frozen vegetables sauteed on the stove or steamed in the microwave, quick-boil bags of rice or meal-ready sides like alfredo pasta. Enjoy!

Macaroni and Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Stock photo of grilled Macaroni and Cheese sandwiches. 

Tools needed:

1 saute pan
1 spatula


White or wheat bread, whatever preference
Ready-made macaroni and cheese
1 bag of Shredded cheddar cheese

1. Heat ready-to-eat macaroni and cheese in microwave until warm.

2. Turn stove on and coat pan with a thin layer of butter.

3. Spread a layer of butter on the outer layers of two pieces of bread.

4. Place one piece of bread butter side down on a clean plate. Layer shredded cheese, a scoop of macaroni and cheese, another layer of shredded cheese, and the last piece of bread.

5. Grill on pan until both sides of the bread are golden brown, and the cheese is melted in the middle.

6. Repeat for as many sandwiches necessary to satiate hunger.