Fired. Why? Police chief fired for unknown reasons

Photo: Jared Sexton

Inkwell Editorial Board

Pictured: Former Chief of Police at Armstrong, Wayne Wilcox, was fired after 8 years of service. (IACLEA) 

Following a Consolidation Implementation Committee meeting Friday, social media buzzed with the news of Armstrong Police Chief Wayne Willcox being fired.

“I’m getting a little tired of reading about changes to Armstrong through news articles being shared on Facebook,” junior spanish major Charlie Breazeale said.

WSAV reported that the long time police chief was “given no legitimate reason why he was fired.”

Willcox has been the police chief for eight years. He implemented the Cyber Forensics Division at Armstrong which involves the forensic examination of computers and cell phones. He has won many awards for his work including the recent 2015 Award for Administrative Excellence from The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators as well as the Spirit of Armstrong Award

The Award for Administrative Excellence is presented for outstanding service in areas such as policy and planning, investigations and crime prevention. New and innovative ideas, cost savings, enhanced administrative techniques and management ideas are also considered for award selection.

The future of the cyber security department at Armstrong is unclear at this time.

Tiffany Land will serve as the Interim Chief of Police. Land has been a member of Armstrong’s police force for 11 years.