Letter From the Editor

Photo: GSEagles.com

Photo: GSEagles.com

Kayla Rand, Editor-in-Chief

The Inkwell’s newest Editor-in-Chief, Kayla Rand. 

As campus is starting to fill back up with new faces and old classmates, I can’t help but think how this will be Armstrong’s last official school year. For me specifically, this is my last semester as I will be walking across stage on December 9th, to receive my masters of arts in Professional Communication and Leadership.

Although I have only attended for two semesters, it is a weary feeling knowing my alma mater will no longer exist. Think about it – when I present my degree, I will have to explain how I received my education from a school that was merged into a bigger institution. Hopefully, it will not negatively impact my career. However, I will always be proud to be a pirate.

The history and culture of Armstrong will always remain, regardless of the consolidation. Therefore, we need to bring in this semester with a bang and finish spring off strong – pirate strong. As students we can show our support by getting involved in various activities.

Whether you join a club or attend an event, you should take the initiative in being active on campus. Many doors have opened since I first stepped foot on this campus including becoming the Editor-in-Chief of the Inkwell. What better way is there than having an opportunity to be the voice of my fellow classmates?

We all have different niches and I am sure there is a student-run group or activity that fits your personal interests. In a world ran off of technology, it is hard to be motivated to get off of your phone and get active. However, getting involved on campus can help you find your place in Armstrong.

The consolidation hearing was the first event I attended at Armstrong, which was both disappointing and uplifting at the same time. It was then that I realized the school I was just beginning my master’s academic career in was going to end. I was disappointed in whoever allowed this decision to be made.

I wanted to be angry at someone and in the midst of emotions, I looked around in the auditorium. Everyone was expressing the same feelings I had felt. They wanted answers and reasoning to everything being discussed. Overall, it gave me a sense of unity with peers and sparked friendships with those sitting next to me.

As I left the hearing, I saw an Inkwell rack with one newspaper left. Oddly, I opened it up backwards and I immediately saw an ad for writers. After contributing a few stories to the paper, I was asked if I was interested in becoming apart of the staff. Many of the editors were graduating and the Inkwell needed new members.

Having a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and experience within the newspaper industry, my background was ideal for the position. Thankfully, I was hired and now serve as the Editor-in-Chief of the Inkwell, which is only one of many opportunities that Armstrong has to offer.

So, my fellow students – go get involved on campus! Find something you are already interested in or try something new, but don’t sit still. What will you accomplish in your last year as an Armstrong Pirate!