Internship 101: What to do at the End of an Internship

McCoy is a senior journalism major from Powder Springs. She is the current Arts and Entertainment editor.

McCoy is a senior journalism major from Powder Springs. She is the current Arts and Entertainment editor.

Paige Scott, Staff Writer

Internships can lead to your dream job. (The Blue Diamond Gallery)

So, you’ve landed an internship with the company of your dreams. You’ve spent the summer learning the ins and outs of the company, and proved yourself to be a top competitor for an open position. But, how can you stand out from the rest of the interns who worked just as hard as you? In an interview with’s Anna Meyer, Amazon hiring manager Sara Sparhawk gave some tips on what to do before ending an internship:

DO: Maintain relationships

Keeping in touch with your colleagues after your internship ends can help create more opportunities for yourself in the long run. Sparhawk says, “Both personal and professional networking can help keep you top of mind as new roles become available.” So, be sure to keep all email addresses and phone numbers!

DON’T: Wait for someone to contact you

If you’re interested in a full-time position once you graduate, make it known! Don’t be afraid to reach out to the recruiting team or hiring manager and let them know you’re interested in working for them. Sparhawk also reminds interns to stay optimistic if they don’t get an offer right away and urges them to reapply at the end of the school year.

DO: Ask questions

Go into your performance review ready to receive feedback from your manager. Ask what you could’ve done better or how to get ready for a position at the company. Asking questions can show your genuine interest and increase your chances of getting hired. Also, be sure to take any advice they give you!

DON’T: Forget to write thank you notes

Before the end of your internship, be sure to show your sincere gratitude for the opportunity by writing thank you notes to your team and the people above you. This small gesture will make you stand out from other interns during the hiring process.

DO: Get a letter of recommendation

Even if you don’t plan on applying for a job in the same career field, make sure you ask for a general letter of recommendation. Your supervisor can highlight assets that aren’t specific to a career such as your dedication and intelligence.

DON’T: Slack off towards the end

Although it’s easy to slack off, Sparhawk advises interns to “keep working hard, keep networking, and keep growing” in the last few days of an internship. Those are the days when you can show that you are hardworking and always willing to finish assignments.

Finishing up an internship always comes with uncertainty. You may doubt if you worked hard enough, did your job well enough, or stood out from other interns. An article from Her Campus entitled, “10 Things You Must Do Before the End of Your Internship,” offers one last piece of advice to make sure you stand out from other interns. They suggest helping transition your tasks to a new intern. Whether it’s offering to make yourself available to train someone new or helping them learn the ins and outs around the office, your supervisor will remember that you took the time to help even though you were no longer obligated to. This shows your dedication to the company and could help you land your dream job after graduation.