2K Releases Newest Game in NBA Video Game Franchise

Ethan Smith, Staff Writer

Screenshot of gameplay during 2K Sports’ new game NBA 2K 18.

Basketball fans and video gamers celebrated last week as game company 2K Sports released the newest game to its franchise, NBA2K 18, on Sept. 19.

Stores flooded with fans who had pre-ordered the game early as well as fans willing to wait in long lines to get themselves a copy before they ran out. For a lot of gamers, NBA2K is becoming one of the most popular games in recent times.

NBA2K 18 offers its players many new features, In MyCareer, arguably the most popular mode in the game, you still create your own players (as in previous games), determine their position, and choose their physical features. Many new archetypes have also been added to the game and allow players to choose skills and attributes that each basketball player specializes in.

There are a vast number of combinations for your MyPlayer, so you’ll have to buy or play the game to get a more diverse idea of how the archetype combinations work.

The Neighborhood is the biggest addition to NBA2K 18. Instead of just playing games in the NBA season and playing Park and Pro-Am, players can travel around The Neighborhood, play in a dunk contest, test their knowledge by playing trivia and play mini-basketball.

Players can also visit the Barbershop, Swag’s Clothing, Foot Locker and the NBA Store. The addition of The Neighborhood gave the NBA2K 18 MyCareer a fresh and more unique concept.

For MyTeam players, Pack and Playoffs was probably the biggest addition to the game mode that allows you to open packs and play games to get the best players from the past and the present.

Pack and Playoffs makes gamers draft five players. Each game is played with those five players as they try to move on through a tournament and gain higher rewards after each round.

In the game mode MyTeam, gamers can create their own jerseys, court and logo. Though to some, it may be too time-intensive, and exists mostly as a ‘pay-to-play’ game mode.

Most players have been extremely pleased with NBA2K 18. The only complaints about the game were minor issues that could be fixed by calling technical support line, 2K Support.

Many users were very pleased with the new game modes and how they created a unique experience for players, as well as the new game-play features as well.

Overall, NBA2K 18 was a major success for the franchise. Many predicted that NBA Live 18, produced by EA Games, might finally pass 2K as the major basketball video game brand. 2K, however, proved many nay-sayers wrong.

The new additions to the major game modes gave the game a unique vibe that had a positive impact on all players, and the new game-play features allowed for a swifter and solid gameplay experience.

On my video game rating scale, which ranges from 1-5, I’d give NBA2K 18 a 4.25, as it still has the regular minor flaws and could use some tweaking. However, the new additions to the game overshadow past problems with the franchise and recreate a more enjoyable gaming experience.

NBA2K 18 can be found at local gaming stores such as GameStop.