Housing Hosts Movie Night Event in Compass Point

Photo: Christal Riley

Madison Watkins, Staff Writer

Armstrong’s After Dark series presents “Remember the Titans” on the lawn in front of Compass Point. Photo by: Madison Watkins

As one of the remaining events of the Armstrong After Dark series, the Housing department hosted a movie night outside the Compass Point Clubhouse on Sept. 29. The film screening was originally meant to be held on Sept. 8 but was pushed back two weeks due to the Hurricane Irma evacuation.

Students were treated with fresh popcorn, snow cones and candy as they watched “Remember the Titans.” The film released in 2000 starring Denzel Washington and Will Patton.

The film itself is about a Virginia high school football team in 1971 figuring out how to work together in a tense racist environment, as their school and team are the first in their area to be integrated.

The students could use chairs to sit on or bring their own blankets as they sat on the lawn outside of the Clubhouse. Many students attended and covered the lawn with their blankets to watch the movie. Throughout the movie there were enthusiastic reactions from the crowd whether they were seeing it for the first time or the thousandth. Students had various reasons for attending the event.

“Since I am an RA, we’re encouraged to go to events set up by housing and the good movie certainly helps!” Resident assistant (RA) Alexis Eanes, a sophomore nursing major explained.

Most of the students had seen it before but others had not. One of Movie Night’s attendees, Henry Pritchett said, “I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it.” Eanes went on to say, “Yes I have seen it before. It’s a feel-good story and it reminds me of my childhood because I would watch it a lot.” Movie Night was a success, and to many students attending, this event, among the many events they’ve enjoyed at Armstrong this semester, became a favorite.

“My favorite was The Mentalist event because it was so cool!” explained Eanes. Sophomore History major Kelly Vislocky said her favorite so far is now the Movie Night. “It was a lot more low-key. It’s not as crowded or loud as other events. I’m a movie person so it was a nice way to hang out with everybody,” Vislocky added. The students also had some ideas for new events they would like to see on campus next. Vislocky and other students agreed that they’d like to see more campus movie night events at Armstrong in the future.

As for future movie nights, the students already have some suggestions in mind. The titles “Deadpool,” “The Avengers,” “Flatliners” or “Baywatch.” were suggested for the next event.

Vislocky wanted to go with “A classic Disney movie! One from the ‘90s when we were growing up would be awesome. Or something like ‘High School Musical’ would be great. You can’t go wrong with these!”

If you would like to make suggestions about future movie nights or events on campus in general, you can let your RA know. You may also voice your opinions at the Residential Student Association meetings on campus.