On Campus Fountain Dedicated to Those We Have Lost

Madison Watkins, Staff Writer

memorial fountain
President Frum delivers speech in front of the Student Union at the Memorial Plaque Ceremony.

On Oct. 4, the Student Government Association (SGA) held a ceremony in front of the Student Union to dedicate the fountain to the members of the Armstrong community who have passed away. At the ceremony, President Frum and SGA president Nipuna Ambanpola said a few words about those we have lost and about what this dedication means.

SGA Vice President Neil Madrid read the previous president Dustin Stewart’s message at the end of the ceremony that the fountain was chosen because “of the symbolism of flowing water. Water is the foundation of all life. It represents the purity with which we all come into the world… the unending flow of the fountain’s waters represent the everlasting memories of those gone too soon to be cherished by those who are still here.”

The idea of holding a ceremony was brought up by last year’s SGA board who felt that a response from the school was necessary when a member of the student body passes away.

Ambanpola commented that the final decision was “to dedicate a fixture on campus to the memories of those gone too soon. We collaborated with last year’s SGA board to complete the project.”

Ambanpola believes that we will see a difference in how students interact with each other on campus because of this.

“Earlier, we didn’t have a standard procedure to mourn someone’s death. Even if it’s not taken up by the entire university, student organizations, independent student groups and other friends/families on our campus can organize something at this location to mourn the death of one of their friends, colleagues, or mentors.”

He believes that “this will create a culture of understanding and increase unity among different sections of our community.”

You can see the plaque for yourself now on the edge of the fountain in front of the Student Union.

The SGA has been busy, albeit successful, this semester with hosting events like the commemoration ceremony. They have partnered up with the Campus Union Board and the Housing Department for the Armstrong After Dark event series, and the past Monday Oct. 9, there was a Senate meeting concerning what will be done about safety concerns about the lighting on campus.

Be sure to sign up for the next big event on campus Treasure Savannah. It will be on Saturday, Oct. 14 and registration will be closed on Wednesday, Oct. 11 at noon.