How do you Destress during Midterms?



How do you Destress during Midterms?


campus voice 1 (1)I don’t.

James Shockley

Junior, Nursing






campus voice 2 (1)I destress for midterms by lighting a couple of candles, turning the lights down low and reading a good book. That’s it.

Kaelyn Pettus

Junior, Visual Arts






campus voice 3 (1)The way I destress for midterms is to play instrumental music and study in a timely manner.

Ryan Merica

Senior, Music






campus voice 4 (1)

I don’t think you can really avoid the fact that midterms are stressful, but I like listening to music that makes me feel less anxious.

Noah Smith






campus voice 5 (1)I like doing yoga, doing physical activities, as well as taking naps—that’s—those are nice. Focusing and making sure you study so you don’t stress out is also pretty great.

Jo Olson