Full-Fledged Investigation Underway Due to Racist Graffiti Found in Science Center Restroom

Photo: va-movie.com

Isabelle Kovacs, News Editor

In a time filled with so much hate, Armstrong’s community must join together to protect our fellow students and rid the campus of such violent threats. Photo by: Armstrong State University

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, Armstrong administrators were called to investigate violent, racist graffiti written in the women’s bathroom on the first floor of the Science Center on campus. The threat insinuated an immediate danger, particularly to the African-American community on campus.

“Today is the day that all the n— will pay. He’s coming. Bang, bang,” the restroom stall read, sending waves of terror and shock through every student at Armstrong.  

This threat not only made an impact on campus, but throughout the community. Local Savannah news sources such as WTOC, WSAV and WJCL all reported on the event and urged their audiences to report any information they had.

WJCL stated, “A concerned parent reached out to WJCL and said that her daughter was among those who saw the message. The daughter told WJCL that she would not call it graffiti but more of a ‘direct threat.’”

President Frum sent an email to every student and posted on social media a statement about the incident.

“While this appears to be an isolated incident, we are taking it very seriously. We will not tolerate language that threatens any members of the Armstrong community,” President Frum stated, “This incident does not reflect our values as an institution. I assure you that we are making decisions that put the safety of our students, faculty and staff first.”

The University Police also sent an update regarding the graffiti shortly after it was reported.

The email read, “University Police have actively been investigating the incident since it was reported yesterday. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was also contacted about the incident and is assisting.”

As of right now, the police believe there is no immediate threat, but will continue to investigate the case, as the safety of our campus is their number one priority.

Student Affairs also urges students to use the available resources on campus during this disturbing time for support, information and assistance. These include:

Counseling Center:
Location: Compass Point – 7000 Building
Contact: 912.344.2529 or counseling.center@armstrong.edu

Dean of Students Office
Location: Student Union D206
Contact: 912.344.2514 or deanofstudents@armstrong.edu

Office of Multicultural Affairs
Location: Memorial College Center, Room 213
Contact: 912.344.2618 or lucero.aradillas@armstrong.edu

If you have any information regarding this threat, please contact the University Police at 912.344.3333.