Armstrong Holds Last Open House

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Armstrong hosted its final open house as Armstrong State University. Photo by: Madison Watkins

Madison Watkins, Staff Writer

With Armstrong’s complete consolidation into Georgia Southern fast approaching, the community of Armstrong is rushing to cherish and celebrate this university throughout its final moments. The last Armstrong Open House for new students was held on Oct. 28. The day was full of activities, tours, and workshops for young people, who are considering attending Armstrong, and their accompanying families.

In University Hall, visitors could attend faculty workshops and see representatives from each academic program at various tables throughout the building. In Solms, visitors could receive in-depth knowledge about attending the school from staff members in various classrooms and talk about topics including dual-enrollment, admissions and financial aid.

After checking in at the Student Union, the day, for these prospective students, started off welcoming presentation to all the visitors gathered at the Fine Arts Auditorium. After the speech, visitors were free to their own devices—whether it be to sit-in on workshops, go on campus tours or look at the academic program information tables. Later in the day, campus catering provided lunch and visitors could go to the Student Resource Fair where they could learn about the different groups and organizations on campus

Two visiting students from the University of Georgia had a lot to say about the campus. Kendra Harris, who is considering enrolling in Armstrong’s physical therapy program, said she thought the campus was, “very beautiful and well kept. It seems small but really well put together.”

Cameron Ashton agreed with Harris’ opinion: “It feels very tight knit. It’s certainly different from UGA.” Harris also commented, “I don’t want it [the consolidation of Armstrong State University into Georgia Southern] to happen because Armstrong has been its own thing for a long time. It feels separate from Georgia Southern and I feel like once it does change over it’ll still feel pretty separate.”

Visitors could also go to the Student Union to learn about the different groups and student-led organizations that are on campus. Representatives from fraternities, sororities, housing, and other organizations were on hand to talk with visitors to show them what there is to do on campus and the options they have. The student organization for Catholic Ministry SEEK was one of the faith-based groups at Open House.

Some of the members were disappointed by the Open House’s turnout. “The turnout wasn’t so great,” commented Sam Wong, a majoring in computer science.

The campus minister Krystyna Swierczewski added, “we only had about 15 people walk by and only about 50% showed interest.” 

Wong also added, “I think all of the groups wanted a bit more of a turnout.”

There were six faculty workshops being offered at Open House. Dr. Virginia Estabrook an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Social and Political Sciences had a workshop called All That Remains. It demonstrated to visitors the forensics aspect of how to identify victims and the archaeological aspect of prosecuting a criminal.

Associate Professor of History Dr. Jason Tatlock hosted a workshop entitled Ancient Aliens, Popular Ideas of Archaeology and Sound Historical Inquiry. His workshop used historical inquiry to look at some of the mysteries of early humans and their accomplishments.

Professor of Biology Dr. Jennifer Zettler hosted a workshop entitled How to Train Your Termite. Her workshop taught visitors which household items that contain chemicals that mimic termite pheromones, which they use to leave a trail for other termites to follow.

Assistant Professor of Art-Photography Bridget Conn did a workshop called Before There Was Instagram: How A Pinhole Camera Works. Her workshop demonstrated how pinhole cameras work, how to make a photo and developing the print in a photographic darkroom. She also had examples of how pinhole cameras are used all around the world today.

Karla Jennings an Art, Music, and Theatre instructor had a workshop called Keep Calm and Speak On: Managing Fear of Public Speaking. Her workshop let visitors know what to expect from a public speaking course, where fear comes from and what you can do about it and how public speaking is a valuable skill that can be used throughout life.

Dr. Doug Masini, the Department Head of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences, and Sherry Warnock, a Lecturer and Simulation Coordinator with the School of Nursing, did a workshop together called The Virtual Emergency Room. This workshop provided visitors with an interactive simulation with involving a simulated patient from a motor vehicle accident.

Be on the lookout for other Armstrong events coming up by checking your student email or looking at the events calendar on the school website.