Housing and Residence Life Hosts “It’s Back: Face Your Fears

Photo: GSEagles.com

Ethan Smith, Staff Writer

Housing and Residence Life put together their annual haunted tour on Friday Oct. 27, this year’s theme resembling the clown from the new film remake of “It”, Pennywise. The title of the haunted tour was “It’s Back: Face Your Fears”, and the title lived up to its name.

Along with the haunted house, students were asked to donate a dollar for leukemia research. Some students donated more than one dollar to the cause. A pastry table was also available in front of the volleyball arena to promote the Residential Student Association.

The haunted house itself led students through two long rooms where monsters, clowns and other spooky beings scared house-goers along the way. With the addition of total darkness and strobe lights, it amplified the scare factor. Even when students were waiting outside to get in, they could hear people screaming inside.

“I thought that they [Armstrong students] liked the haunted house, the reason being is that the publicity around the “It” movie that just came out now and that was the theme that we went with this year. We alternate it every year between the forest behind Windward Commons and here at the gym, so shaking it up a little bit gives the students a variety,” said Nick Shrader, the Director of Housing and Residence Life.

Happy, frightened and excited faces were present all around the Armstrong event. The haunted tour is a staple event every year around Halloween. Donating to such a great organization for leukemia research adds such a great impact on our students and their families as well. Wishing all Armstrong students a fun and safe Halloween.