Stranger Things 2 Review


Photo by: Promotional Photo for the Second Season of “Stranger Things”

Ethan Smith, Advertising Manager

“Stranger Things”, a favorable 80s science fiction series on Netflix, debuted its second season Oct. 27. The supernatural forces that haunted Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas and their family and friends in season one come back with a vengeance. Will’s disappearance in the first season was merely the beginning of something bigger. When viewers watch these nine enticing and action-packed episodes, they will soon find out what is behind the mystery of Hawkins, Il.

All the main characters that survived the first season return in this season, but the after-effects of the events that scarred Will and friends still loom. Mike is still beat as he lost Eleven, after she defeated the Demogorgon in the first season.

Dustin and Lucas are still their nerdy clever selves, but as one watches the second season a major character shift occurs within Chief Hopper and Joyce Byers.

Hopper and Byers both seemed more relentless this season. They rarely took no for an answer. In terms of Hopper, he becomes a lot more entwined with the Byers family, as well as his own. Hopper plays good cop, but also plays bad cop throughout the second season to keep order and prevent panic. These two characters are so similar in their development because they are usually on screen together.

As for Will, he remains the focus of the show throughout the second season because of his vast “relationship” with the Upside Down. Mike, Dustin and Lucas stay the course by trying to help him, and when things go wrong, they never give up on their friend.

New characters also get very close to Will, but watch the show for yourself to see. As a group, these four are a typical child sci-fi group. However, when viewers examine each character and what they have to offer individually, it makes each of them seem special and endearing.

This season had nowhere near the same impact as the first season, but the quality of the episodes, the consistent character development, the great special effects and the storyline itself still makes season two of Stranger Things a must-watch. It is highly recommended to watch the first season beforehand. This season really took a well-used turn into the vast mystery of Hawkins, Il.  Many fans are hoping that a third season becomes a reality in the near future.