Armstrong and Intramural Sports and Club Sports

Senior GSU guard Lacie Dowling looks around a defender to line up a pass. Dowling is averaging 8.3 points per game this season, accompanied with a .429 shooting percentage from beyond the arc.Photo by: Courtney Bonacci

Check online to see what intramural sports Armstrong offers and when the schedules are!

Ethan Smith, Advertising Manager

With Thanksgiving next week and the holidays fast approaching, of course a lot of us here on campus will celebrate the usual way: by eating lots of food with our family and friends. But when Armstrong students come back from the holidays, they should consider participating in the Intramural Sports here on campus. Exercise and playing sports is also a great way to relieve stress, and with intramural sports ending on Nov, 17, considering them next semester would be a great addition to your Armstrong experience.

Armstrong has plenty of club sports and intramural sports to choose from, ranging from 3 on 3 Basketball to Inner Tube Water Polo. You can check the sports by checking Recreation & Wellness on the Armstrong website and going to the intramural sports page and clicking “Rules,” and the rules for each available sport will be posted. New sports are introduced all the time, mainly depending on the time of year. Next semester’s sports have not yet been announced, but it’s not too early to get ready to play next semester! If you’d like to play intramural sports, you can sign up at

Armstrong also has plenty of club sports here on campus as well that that actively compete against other schools. Our club sports range from Rugby to Boxing, and some are active right now. Club sports are great ways to connect with other students here on campus and allows one to play in a team-orientated, competitive environment. Our club sports teams travel to other colleges to play as well, so even without actual NCAA sports here on campus, one can still get a college sports atmosphere without the hassle of dedicating to one team. Sean Willett is the person to contact if you have interest in playing any club sports, and you can contact him at or 912-344- 3295.

Armstrong is all about creating a great campus environment for its students, and intramural and club sports are a part of that environment. The faculty and staff want you to enjoy these years of college and get to know the student body you’re a part of, and with intramural and club sports, one can truly connect with peers, while playing as a team. There’s always time to just go out and play some sports with your friends, so get out there! Be active, and have fun while doing it with your fellow Pirates!