“Enduring” Your Family Over Thanksgiving Break

Photo courtesy of: Courtney Bonacci

Sometimes friends can mean just as much as family.

Ethan Smith, Advertising Manager

As many of you already know, Thanksgiving break is next week! For many of you I assume, you will mainly be happy that you don’t have classes; but, Thanksgiving is all about eating and hanging out with your family, right? Many of us do have those select few family members that we aren’t too fond of, so here’s how to not let them ruin your Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a cheery and fun time, so try to be upbeat with your family and have fun. Being upbeat around your family usually creates a friendly atmosphere, and having a family with a friendly atmosphere creates many bonding moments that you can talk about in future Thanksgivings and other holidays. Memories are always made around the holiday season, and creating those memories with your family will always stick with you, so sometimes you have to make up with the family you’re not too fond of to create memories for everyone. 

During Thanksgiving, we all deal with  family members of various ages. We have our little cousins and our grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Knowing who you are talking to is obviously important, so talk about topics that your family members like. Your little cousin and your grandparents will have different interests, so make their interests your interests. Conversation at a Thanksgiving dinner table is a must, so find good conversation starters for everyone. Avoid political conversation at all costs. Lately, political conversation hasn’t allowed for happiness within the conversation because of conflicting views, so try to avoid “controversial” topics.

Black Friday is basically a part of Thanksgiving tradition in the 21st century. Shopping with your family can be super fun! Finding sales together with your family and then waiting in a long line can create tension because some people may have that family member that gets impatient, and no one likes a complainer. Black Friday shopping is a great way to get started on holiday shopping for your family as well, so get your family some stuff early and get it out of the way. Being with your family can cause many different emotions. Enduring your family also isn’t a bad thing. It might sound like a bad thing, but sometimes you have to be nicer than usual around certain family to create that fun and warm atmosphere for the holiday break. So endure your family while you have them, make memories while you can, and enjoy your Thanksgiving break.