Laughter Brought All The Warmth

Photo by: Jessica Stanfield

Photo by: Jessica Stanfield

By Dan Hayes, News Editor

A promotional photo for Comedy in the Courtyard by Foxy Loxy Cafe.

As another frigid cold snap crept through Savannah last Friday night, a gaggle of local comedians descended upon Foxy Loxy’s backyard for this year’s first installment of “Comedy in the Courtyard”. Every third Friday of the month at 7:30 pm a host of local stand-up comedians can be found plying their trade inside the cozy confines of Foxy Loxy Café’s quaint little back courtyard. The Café itself is carved out an old Victorian home right on Bull Street directly across from the Live Oak Public Library.  

The piping hot cappuccino I enjoyed was especially welcome that evening as the night started out cold and just got colder, dropping from the low 40’s to the mid 30’s throughout the show. Kudos to all the crowd and comedians who stuck around the whole night. Most of the crowd huddled around the scattered outdoor heaters and the one central fire pit.

The show was co-hosted by Bill Cooper who gleefully claims the title of Savannah’s only “openly old comedian”, and Brendan Townsend who continued to fill the dead time between sets with an always new joke, bit, or impression. The comedians who performed were a mix of old veterans and newcomers to the scene. Some comedians admirably filling their five minutes while others stumbled to get through three. But it was a welcoming crowd. The audience gave the performers ample time and space to work out a new bit or refine an old one. Compared to a typical open mic, this show flowed nicely. Townsend seemed always ready to grab the mic from anyone desperate to pass it off.

Over twenty comedians got up and wrestled with several different issues, the various comics looking for their laughs in variety of different ways. This included asking the audience questions such as:

“Do Mormons have special underwear that protects them from knives?”

“Who complains about a live performance that is LIVE?”

“Is Savannah’s next trend going to be a boutique artisanal corn hole shop?”

Or offering life advice:

“I promise you, Asian people hate being called Orientals.”

“Make sure your drug dealer is not a narwhal.”

“I like to start my day with a tide pod in the morning and finish it off with fabric softener enema in the evening.”

And even a few impressions. Some of the material was perhaps not appropriate for young children. This was not a family-friendly show. My personal favorite joke of the evening was an impression of Mickey Mouse enjoying a round of fellatio. We have all always wondered how it would sound.

The show is always open to new faces, so come by and try out your best five minutes. It is a show for those 18 and up with no cover, sign up starts at 7 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm. For more information about Foxy Loxy Café, including the menu and their robust event’s calendar, it can be found at