Redbull gives you…money?

Redbull gives you…money?

Jada Meadows

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Can Redbull actually “give you wings?” Recently, Redbull has been sued due to customers claiming false advertising. If you have purchased a Redbull between 2002 and Oct. 3, 2014, you can fill out a form online and Redbull will send you a check in the mail for $10 or $15 in Redbull products.

Here are some of the opinions of Georgia Southern University students about the lawsuit:

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“I would drink like six or seven of them at bars, and wouldn’t feel a thing. I think [Redbull] is getting what it deserves and believe that it’s false advertising. I personally am going to file for the free ten dollars.”

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“Why would people think they would ever ‘grow wings?’ And now you want money for not growing ‘Wings?’ I’ve purchased Redbull before, and I don’t feel like they owe me, but hey, it’s free money that [Redbull] is willing to give me for its mistakes.”

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