Single on V-Day? Here’s What You Can Do

By Ethan Smith, Sports Editor


Many of us may not have a significant other this Valentine’s Day. Just because you don’t have that special someone doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day. Here’s some things you can do!

Get some friends together. You’re not the only single person on the planet, trust me. Get some and go do something fun like bowling, a dinner, go downtown, anything that is fitting for your friend group.

Binge-watch Netflix. Probably the most popular choice, binge-watching Netflix alone on Valentine’s Day is never a bad thing. Watch a romance to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit or watch whatever suits your entertainment fancy. A bunch of new shows and movies also just came out such as Altered Carbon and The Cloverfield Paradox. So, there is no shortage of content to binge.

Go to a club. Go to a club with your friends or by yourself and meet some new people and have a good time. Who knows? Maybe you find next year’s valentine.

Catch up on homework or projects. Honestly, this would be great to tell your friends the next day. You get to chill all day after finishing your work while their scrambling with that homework that was or is due. That’s what they get for having a valentine, huh?

Go buy candy. The day of Valentine’s day and even the day after are great times to go get discounted Sour Patch Kids, Kit Kats, Snickers or whatever kind of chocolate or candy you like. Great place to go is Savannah Candy Kitchen on River Street. They have amazing pralines and many other types of candy. Trust us, we know.

Here at the Inkwell, we understand everyone doesn’t have a valentine, but that doesn’t mean the day has to be a complete flop. Take our advice from above or do something else that seems fun for you, be it by yourself or with your friends. Valentine’s Day is a day meant for sharing love with others. Be it with friends, family or significant other, everyone has someone to love.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and stay safe.