Suspicious Person Apprehended on Armstrong Campus

Photo by: Will Price

By Dan Hayes, News Editor

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At midnight on Monday, February 19th Armstrong students received an EAGLE ALERT of suspicious person who entered a dorm room on the Georgia Southern Armstrong campus. The suspect was described by witnesses as a male in his early 20’s, approximately five-foot seven-inches, 155 pounds, short hair, tattoo on his right arm, clean-shaven, and wearing a grey t-shirt with black shorts.

The following day, Jan Southern, the associate vice president of strategic marketing and communication for Georgia Southern University, updated the students that the police had “located and arrested the suspicious person.”

The EAGLE ALERT was similar to the one students received on February 15th. On the evening of February 15th a black male unlawfully entered a dorm room on the Georgia Southern Armstrong campus. The male was described as being in his early twenties, five-foot, ten-inches, medium-build, wearing a grey t-shirt, black pants, with a tattoo on his right arm. The male then left the room and walked in an unknown direction on campus.

No further information was provided on that incident or the individual.

The Inkwell reached out to the Georgia Southern office of public safety multiple times with a number of questions regarding the incidents. The questions included, but were not limited to, how did the individual gains access to the campus? Is this individual believed to be the same suspicious person spotted on campus Feb 15th? Does the individual have any connection to the Armstrong campus community?

However, when the inkwell was finally contacted, a representative of the Georgia Southern Police Department responded, “unfortunately, the case is currently under investigation and I will not be able to answer the listed questions.”

Even the most basic of questions: name of individual arrested and what crime was he charged with, were left unanswered.

The Inkwell has also reached out to police chief, Laura McCullough, regarding the incident. As of the time of press she did not respond.