Consolidation Brings New Opportunities to Armstrong Campus

Consolidation Brings New Opportunities to Armstrong Campus

By Gabriel Williams, Staff Writer

georgia southern
Temporary GSU sign on Armstrong campus. Photo by Laura Weyman.

As students slowly transition from Pirate to an Eagle, many of them are very enthusiastic about what’s in store for them. Armstrong State University officially became the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University on January 1, 2018.

Since the Eagle’s landing in Armstrong, several scholarships and academic resources have been made accessible to students. This includes the Armstrong Foundation Scholarships and a variety of academic scholarships in each department.

Recently, the Student Government Association (SGA) conducted a survey to get a general idea of feedback about the effects of the consolidated Georgia’s Southern University from Armstrong and Liberty students. According to the survey, a whopping 230 students from both Liberty and Armstrong campuses have already participated in theses academic resources.

The Inkwell asked several students about their feedback on these new resources and opportunities as well as their experiences on campus as an eagle.

James Williams, freshman economics major, stated, “I am flabbergasted with the fact that more students are taking the initiative to apply for scholarships and grants for their program.” Williams has applied to several scholarships and has already received two of them.

Another 175 students also felt that there was a strong campus collaboration between the Statesboro, Liberty, and Armstrong campuses.

Students can now be nominated for Georgia Southern’s Awards such as the Outstanding Scholar Award, Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Award, and the University System Academic Recognition Award. The recipients of these awards will be announced during the annual Honors Convocation hosted in April.

Jonathan Miller, a sophomore mathematics major, stated “So far I am liking the Georgia Southern life here in Savannah and I am excited about the spring fling that is coming up.” He also added “My mom is already bragging to her coworkers that another eagle will be in the family.”

Jessica Simpson, sophomore nursing major, “I love the vast number of medical opportunities for undergrads and the amount of hands on experiences that are coming with Georgia Southern.”

For Black Heritage month, the office of Multicultural Affairs hosted several great events across all three campuses. This includes movie screenings, lectures, and guest appearances from very prominent people like civil rights activist, attorney and political commentator Bakari Sellers.

James Williams also stated, “I like us being a part of Georgia Southern and I think it is really going to impact not only the campus but the community in a positive way.”

Furthermore, student also have access to other great amenities across all three campuses of Georgia Southern University. This includes but is not limited to health services, access to the Recreation Activity Center (RAC) in Statesboro and the Student Recreation Center (SRC) in Savannah. Admittance into special events and occasions are also granted to students.

Not only are students happy about these great new services, they are also happy with the fact that they are not mandated to travel to other campuses between classes. Registering for classes on other campuses is strongly encouraged but not required.

Simpson also said, “I don’t have a car and if that was the case, there would be a serious issue.”

While some students are happy with post consolidation, a growing number of students still wish that the consolidation never occurred. Some fear that there will be a Tuition/Fee increase. Recent changes to the overall orientation of the Armstrong Campus including Georgia Southern banners on campus and the new entrance signs have some students worried that the traditional legacy of Armstrong will not be as important and recognizable before the consolidation.  

Although some students don’t seem to like the consolidated campus, other seem to appreciate it and like the fact that the campus is growing with students and opportunities. There are many more doors to be opened as the eagle’s rest safely into our campus.

Armstrong and Liberty students can obtain their new Eagle cards from card services beginning March 19, 2018. Current Pirate cards will be deactivated June 30, 2018.

Stay tuned to the new Armstrong Campus website and check your student email for upcoming opportunities and events of the eagle nation.